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WTF is this on my Labia?! [Pic]


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I just want to preface my inquiry with this warning: After typing in various descriptions of what I saw on my labia in search engines, I found no photos to help assess this problem. I've combed through the forum for possible similarities written in the post's descriptions, but I haven't found anything that I felt were similar to what I'm seeing.

I snapped this photo of my labia and providing a link of it for various reasons: 1) to avoid describing what I'm seeing incorrectly; 2) to help any young lad sitting with these things between her legs and not seeing a photo to compare it to. It's the very reason why I'm here! If I am breaching forum rules, I truly apologize. I am not trying to be vulgar. I am seeking your expertise by providing as much information as possible. angel.gif

(NSFW: http://tinyurl.com/29pfsuz ; original photo link was too long. had to shorten it to post it.)

I'm 26 and sexually inactive for over 2 years. I've had 3 partners my entire sexual history (boyfriends, no one-nighters) and I'm baffled at what these things are on my labia. Everything down there outside of these things have been normal. Nothing burns, no irritation, no dryness, etc. Truth be told, I don't really go gallivanting down that area, so I really have no clue if this is just apart of my anatomy.

So what say you, forum? Is this normal or do I have something to worry about?

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Unfortunately, it is very hard to tell you anything from a photo. First of all, most of us here are probably not trained diagnosticians. Besides, visual examination is the LEAST RELIABLE means of diagnosing herpes -- yielding about 20% incorrect results.

Problem is, herpes is a bit of a chameleon. It can look like a number of other conditions, and vice versa.

The only good way to figure this out is to be seen by a doctor, and get proper laboratory tests done to determine if you might have herpes or some other condition, or if those are just naturally occurring parts of your normal anatomy.

Are you having any other symptoms?

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Going to the doctor would be the best thing for you. When i had my first outbreak, the doctor i saw had no idea what it was by just looking at it. It would be nice if it were that easy to identify, but sadly it's not. :(

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Thanks, guys. I have no symptoms at all. I feel normal. :dontknow: I'm definitely heading to a GYN, but I thought I could ease my curiosity by bouncing ideas off of you guys.

I appreciate the help!


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Well, sorry if we couldn't help put your mind more at ease. I have a feeling you are not dealing with herpes, but it will certainly be a good thing for you to find out what it is. Hope your gyno is able to help you figure it out.

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oh, wow. i have almost exactly the same thing going on down there! the first time i noticed it was when i had other symptoms and suspected herpes, but to be honest that was the first time i looked close enough to notice, since i was so concerned about everything else. i too was not sure if they had been there before.

the good news is that after being examined by 2 or 3 different doctors none of them seemed concerned with it (i think they attributed it to natural variations in everyone's physical appearance). and i tested neg for hsv 1 & 2 (IGG) at about two months, no symptoms since september, etc. anyway, i hope that helps put you at ease a bit, i guess it can't hurt to have the doc check it out if you're really curious.

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      Newly diagnosed, looking for people to connect with in Nebraska, Lincoln even better 
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      Thanks for your response! I received unprotected oral 10 weeks ago and immediately after had stinging in my glans and weird nerve pain. I am positive for HSV1 due to cold sores I got as a child, but as recent as 9 weeks after this exposure have tested negative for HSV2.    im nervous that I may have acquired hsv1 again on my genitals since HSV2 is rarely acquired from oral sex and doesn’t shed hardly at all, but haven’t seen any sores yet. Just weird symptoms and this started recently in my buttcrack when I was taking antibiotics.   Any advice or perspective would be greatly appreciated. @WilsoInAus
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      Hi @Throwaway765 and welcome. There is absolutely no concern over this being related to herpes. Something must be concerning you as to the possibility of herpes… what is it? 
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      @CHTany thoughts? Thanks!
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      @WilsoInAus saw you responded to others, would appreciate any thoughts.
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