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Bathroom,sleeping,pain and fatigue

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Ive been visually diagnosed for days now and on

Acyclovir until my ten day treatment goes away.

I'm waiting to find out if it's HSV1 or 2 but considering it's "downstairs", I'm not putting weight either way. I just want to know.

My questions are :

1) Can any women with HSV2 (or HSV1 on the lady parts)

Reccommend any good sleeping positions that don't agitate


2) How in the world am I supposed to not stress out when I

Have the anxiety of knowing everytime I urinate i end up irritating my sores ? I mean even dedicating is a problem, I've developed sores that are just agitated by me sitting down...sigh.

3)does anyone else feel the blisters when they pop?

How do I keep them from sticking to my underwear?'

4)there is a sore just inside of my vaginal opening, I've read that they dont scab because of the area being so moist, does this mean a very long heal time?

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Also the fatigue is making my job hard because I feel like I can barely stay awake even when I'm well rested.

How do I combat that safely?

I've also been having a hard time staying warm.

Maybe I'm just blaming it all on herpes because I'm a newbie!

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hello seahorse..am giving my personal experience...as for question

1) there aren't any good sleeping positions since when you're asleep you may turn and move about without you knowing..

2) yes there would be anxiety which is not good cause it can cause ob and with unrinating i definately know what ur going through..i was told by a friend when she was nipped during child birth that she peed with her butt slighty raised :) that it helped in not irrtitating the stitched area..i have tried it and it helped for me...i defeinately feel when a blister is about to pop up...i get a tingly sensation and area where it would pop up becomes very sensative to touch....

3)hmm am not sure since mine never stuck to my underwear

4)hmmm my first ob definately scab and it took a long while but everyone is deifferent and it depends on your immune system..some last days or weeks but since you're on medications hopefully it goes away soon...i myself was given acyclovir and that definateely helped alot..was ob free for 4 months with a 5day treatment of it

5) as for fatigue i took mutlivitamins and exercised a bit..it helped for me...

i wish you all the best and you should definately come to the chat room..alot of great people with helpful advice!

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Hey seahorse!

I haven't found any sleeping positions that are really comfortable during an ob, but something that really helped me for sitting and sleeping was applying tea tree oil to the sores. (I use a separate cotton swab for each sore just in case)! If you've never used it, it's a powerful natural antiseptic and also has a sort of menthol feeling that (for me) soothes the burn of the sores. I didn't think of this until my second ob and the sores didn't stick to my underwear while using it (not sure if it was coincidence or due to using the product).

I also seem to have chills when I feel an ob coming. I thought it was just me--- I get really shaky. Haven't found anything for it yet. I just started on suppressive therapy so maybe that'll change things?

As for fatigue, when I started taking an oil of oregano capsule daily, my fatigue dropped off quite a bit. I think I also may have identified a trigger food that contributed to the fatigue... but I'm not sure yet. I have also chalked some of the sleepiness to being depressed about my diagnosis.

I hope you find something here that helps you!

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Thank you to both of you for replying :)

I'll have to give the tea tree oil a try.

I've been hoping to exercise more but even walking its getting to be an issue as the sores around my rectum rub together when I walk..which is quite irritating and I have to do a strange cowboy walk!

The peeing tip is helping, I still keep my cup of water by just in case, damn you urine for being so acidic and salty!

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1.) When i had my first ob which was really bad, i slept on the couch.I laid on my back and i had one knee bent up resting on the side of the couch..that way it allowed my cooch to breath and my legs didnt rub together

2.) i know this is kindve extreme but it hurt me like hell to pee with my first ob so i would turn the shower on and get in naked from my waist down and pee in the shower because the stream of water diluted the pee and washed it away before it could touch the sores for too long and irritate them.

3.) i dont feel when they pop but they do stick to my underwear when they start to scab and i havent really found a way to stop that yet..it never bothered me too much so i havent thought about it. sorry i cant help you on that one :(

4.) That one can last awhile..my first ob i had a lot of sores inside my cooch as well and it took me about two weeks before i could walk..just be patient and realize that the longer you have this disease the easier ur obs get..after my first one i would only have one small blister every time i ob'd..so just hang in there :)

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For sleeping I found that if you put a pillow inbetween your legs and lay on your side is best but what is the most important part is an ice pack in the pillow case and have it right up against your genitals so the pillow or even two pillows spreads your legs comfortably and the ice helps sooth the god awful pain..good luck! Hope you feel better soon! OH yeah and as for the sticking to your underwear put zovirax or even butt paste(its a brand name for a baby diaper rash ointment)on your outer labia it will keep from the painful "unsticking"

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I will try the icepack idea.

That sounds good.

I just had a small update, today I was officially diagnosed with hsv1 on the genital area. I'm comforted by this diagnosis, but they reccommended that I treat episodically as opposed to the suppressive method I was considering.

If anyone with hsv1 on the genital area can weigh in from personal experience

I'd be so greatful.

Should I get off depo provera?

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I also have ghsv1. I have only had the first Ob so far, but mine really wasn't even that painful, it lasted 6 days and I was only uncomfortably for 2 of them. Having type 1 and not 2 is much better if you ask me. With type 1 you generally only have 1 OB a year, or maybe not even that since it is the same as a coldsore. I was so releived to have type 1, especially since my partner and I have only been with each other. I got mine from a coldsore on my bf's lip, before it actually popped up. It brought us much closer than we had been before.

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I supposedly have recurrent gHSV1 the dr told me that only about 5% of people get it recurrently. First year I had 4 outbreaks before I went on suppressive medication, but even on suppressives I get it roughly once a year. That being said most people never really get another outbreak and the asymptomatic shedding is supposedly a lot less so less chance of passing it on.

Sleeping position...definitely use pillows either just under my butt or between my knees depending on which one of my 3 locations it is.

As for underwear and outbreaks...I just don't wear any...I stick to skirts and use stockings and suspenders. Dries out much quicker and I don't keep ripping the scabs off.

My sores are also not in the very tender bits so I use the zovariax ointment the over the counter stuff for cold sores and ice packs.

I'd do some research on the depo prova, I saw something that said it can increase outbreaks...as it can suppress you immune system. Really don't know if it is true or not but worth looking into just in case.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      You’re on the right track for sure. Did you get a swab of the lesions? Have you had an IgG blood retest for HSV?
    • amsb88
      I would like to hear from those who have genital hsv 1... I’m thinking that I have type 1 because the guy I believe gave it to me had cold sores.. or is this assumption wrong? What’s the chances of having type 2 from his cold sores? 
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      LOL...............what a crock of shit! Lets get some of Rich Mancuscos magic minerals and some crystals to go with it.
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      I am very sorry that you are feeling the way you do at this time.  I went through the full range of feelings and emotions you describe for more than 10X as long as you have (that's right over 30 years) .  I have no idea if what I am going to tell you will be of benefit but I have no doubt what soever that HSV2 has been eliminated from my life.    This happened several months ago.  How?  Through SCALAR ENERGY.  It is still hard for me believe at times that I am now free of it, but it's true. If you want to know more you should go to the website and read it all.  creativestrength.us  I have absolutely no connection to the good people at this site other than I am now totally well from the treatment (not expensive) and am telling my story in the hopes that the same will happen to them. 

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