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new diagnosed with type 1 genital herpes - new some help with some questions I have .

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ok, firstly apologises this is going to be a bit of an essay, bt I need to fully explain my circumstances before I ask my questions. Secondly I know no one is going to be able to give me a definitive answer on this but I just need views etc. and finally , I know what ever people say its not going to change anything, but I just need information to help me get my head straight.

Oh and im going to get a bit 'detailed' so apologises if its too 'graphic'

Ok, so the situation is, I was diagnosed with type 1 genital herpes a few days ago. The facts are: I am with a new partner ( couple of months but only been having sex for the last month). Within a week of having unprotected anal sex ( yes I know I should know better) i started to feel achey , fluey and generally unwell. this was followed by extreme pain in my back passage area , to the extent when i tried to go to the loo I was in tears as I was in so much pain. Other things i noticed was I had a 'spot' near my backside and where my lip had split slightly from chapped lips ( I suffer from them occasionally) I had an ulcer in the open part of my lip - never had one of those before. Anyway I assumed I had just got a slight tear internally as the sex was rather rough, and had ended up with some sort of injection . so I went to the GU clinic to get checked out. Nurse examined me and said internally within my anus she could see slight trauma but also what looked like ulcers which could be herpes. I had no ulcers /sores in my vaginal area. Swab done etc etc and results have come back type 1 genital herpes. - big shock.

my past is that prior to this partner I hadnt had sex for 10 mths and last partner I was with was for two years.we had unprotected vaginal / anal sex. previous to that I did have a number of partners over the years, but at most only two did I have unprotective anal sex with. Throughout all this time as far as I can remember I never had any symptoms or issues 'down below'

The nurse at the clinic said based on my sexual history, the severity of the outbreak, and the timescales for when I had sex with my new partner and the type of sex we had it all pinpoints to the fact I have been given this virus by him.

now im not on a witch hunt, and I accept that I only have myself to blame for practising unprotected sex, I have admitted to my partner what I have been diagnosed with but his response is, well I dont have any symptoms, never have and my last girlfriend never had any problems so you cant have got this from me....... so my questions are...

  • what is the likelyhood that I could have had this for years , never had any symptoms and this is an inital outburst caused by 'whatever' ?
  • how long after inital exposure can the virus lay dormant before any sort of outbreak
  • due to where the sores were found ( internally) , is this going to be the site where I was initally exposed to the virus - and therefore is it a case that regardless of who passed on this virus to me, it would have to have been someone who I had had anal sex with
  • could I have had minimal outbreaks in the past and not realised and then for whatever reason out of nowhere had a really bad episode? - so much I have read has said that the inital outburst is always the worst
  • Is the fact that I got an ulcer on my lip at the same time any significance? - does it indicate / confirm that it was an inital outburst dues to the fact I was exposed to the virus in two places at the same time ( we also had oral sex)
  • how likely is it that my partner has passed this to me if he has never had any symptoms and nor has his ex girlfriend
  • if / when I get a reoccurance will it always be internally in my anus, or could it show up elsewhere - Im worried I could get one and not know !

I think thats it lol, he is going to the clinic this week to see if they will give him a blood test, but he is just very much, well I havent any symptoms so It cant be me, u just must not of known. Like I said it wont change anything, but Im just trying to get my head round this and the fact that I may have had this for years and the implications of that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any opinions u can give x

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Sorry one more question or maybe an observation.... Surely if he didn't have the virus , but has been exposed to it by sleeping with me just a matter of days b4 my symptoms appeared , he would have been at high risk of catching this so y hasn't he had any symptoms??? Please believe that I wouldn't wish this on anyone just trying to get my head round all the facts and likely cause of this !!


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It sounds to me that he more than likely gave you GH1. I was diagnosed with the same thing about a month ago and honestly your lucky it's type 1 and not 2. I'm 19 and have only been with one person, we have been together for over 3 years and only been with each other. He has never had an outbreak on his genitals, but a few days after my first outbreak started he developed a coldsore on his lip. Thats how I got it, even though we have had sex for years and he hadn't had a coldsore in 5+ years. Men usually don't have the same symptoms as women, especially with type 1. Most people in the US have type one orally, it's more common now to have it genitally because of oral sex.

You could have had this for years, but it is very unlikely since you just started having sex with this guy. Initial symptoms usually take 2-20 days to appear, your first outbreak.

You will always have GHSV1, but most people only have about 1 OB a year, or maybe even one every couple years, or even never again. It's all about how you treat it. Take vitamins, eat good, and excercise it should help keep the virus at bay.

If you do have another OB it will be in the place where the virus entered the body, so yes you would have had to of had anal sex with the person who gave it to you. You could have had minimal outbreaks in the past, but it is unlikely because the first OB is almost always the most painful.

I also had a coldsore about the same time as my first OB started, this means that it is likely that you did get it from him. I would insist that he get tested.

Some people are just more suseptiable to the disease, his ex may have even been the one that gave it to him. If you do have a reoccurance it will happen in the same place, internally however it could spread to the outside or the vagina, just try to keep it clean and don't scrub your anus and then vagina, this should keep the OB in the one area.

I hope this information helps you, and you should google genital herpes simplex virus 1 and read up on it. There are many websites that can inform you better about the sublect.

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    • Quest
      Him holding my hips, grabbing ass, then grabbing his cock is what I worry about. I also worry about shedding anywhere from the boxer shorts area and that's a mighty big area. It is the unknown. It would be nice to cover the entire area and then I just don't have to worry! Then the part that is exposed which  would be a very small spot. Maybe cover with that liquid glove?!? I just like the idea of doing my best
    • 35hope
    • Hairpees
      I wouldn’t because that would be outing myself as well unfortunately. It just sucks because our mutual friends have no clue why I carry such resentment towards him, and wonder why they can’t even bring up his name around me anymore. Im sure they think I’m a crazy jealous person who is hurt things didn’t work out or that I’m being dramatic for no reason. I can’t explain to or confide in anyone but the users on this forum.
    • Jorjanewnew
      Girl! I am actually on the same exact position. My new bf gave it to me and he put the blame on me! When he was my 2nd partner and I hadn’t had sex in 5 years (last guy was a virgin). I know that alone feeling but know you’re not alone. I just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago too. It’s crazy you see yourself differently but I promise no one around you does.
    • Cas9
      How would that location (upper crack) come in contact with him during doggy style sex? Maybe after the act if he fell on top of you while you're face down. I would suggest simply observing whether there are sores in these areas that are somewhat removed from the genital area. If there are no sores than the odds of you transferring to him such as the lower stomach or leg etc.., are pretty damn low. Obviously, we can come always come up with a scenario where you could transmit. For example, if you were on your stomach and he was sliding his dick up and down your butt crack and you had sores there, then yes, he could get infected. If you were just shedding there it would be less likely but possible. But try doing that with your clothes on. I don't think that would work out very well; Do you?  Wearing clothes during sex like that woman you portrayed in your earlier comment is sexy. But that's all together different.

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