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Famvir for treatment

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Hello all,

I was diagnosed with Hsv1 in the genital region in August last year and although devastated I was positive that the first out break would be the worst and that it could only improve. I took 1000 mg of valtrex for about 10 days and the outbreak cleared pretty quickly.

Since then i've had 4 mild outbreaks on my butt cheeks only (orginal out break was butt cheeks and swelling in the genital region but with no visible sores) and i've taken lysine within a few days they've cleared up.

I have a long distance relationship so after a week of sex I am always careful and dose up on my lysine.

Well obviously i didn't dose enough. I am in the middle of the worst outbreak I've ever had. I am swollen, red, blistered.. I can't walk it hurts to pee everything.

Needless to say I'm pretty upset.

I went to my doctor who I thought would prescribe valtrex but she has instead prescribed famvir once a day for 5 days.

I was interested in suppressive therapy but in order to be illegible I have to have a number of documented cases, that have been swabbed and sent off for testing.

Getting tested during a painful outbreak is not high on anyones list is it now?

So for now I have 40 famvir tablets that will see me through my next few outbreaks, so if anyone has any stories they can share.. good or bad..

I took my first table almost 2 hours ago.. I'm a little sleepy but feeling okay and hoping this gets better.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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