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IgG High Positive after 3.5 weeks


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Hopefully this is the right forum. I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 via culture and immunofluorescence but my igG type specifics 1&2 and igM taken at the same time as the swab came back negative. I had both the igG type specifics and igM a month before results negative, and back in July results negative. There are two women I have been with in the last month. Woman A came up negative on the igG and igM after 4 weeks from contact with me. Woman B came up high positive (3.49) on igG type 2 negative igG type 1 and negative on igM, 3.5 weeks after contact with me. Does that mean I gave it to her or she had it before me. Her Dr. said that result means she had recent exposure but does not mean she is positive. I am trying to figure out who I need to contact to get tested and how Woman B and I need to handle intimacy since we are still together. Looking back my first OB probably started 3 to 4 days after Woman B and started having sex, and blisters appeared about 2 weeks after that. It has been about 4 weeks now and I have not completely cleared up I still have red marks. Woman B has no external visible signs and had none when examined a week ago when her blood test was taken.


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If you test positive for HSV then you carry HSV. It is not just exposure. This is assuming no mistake or false positive on a blood test. If a subsequent test also shows positive then this likely negates the possibility of an incorrect test the first time.

If you and a partner both have HSV of the same strain, then you cannot give it to each other again. It is always a good idea to abstain during actual outbreaks.

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If I'm understanding everything correctly it sounds like you were recently exposed because your blood tests are negative but your culture was positive. As for Woman B... I was told that anything above a 1.10 on an IgG blood test is positive. GENERALLY a 3.5 would indicate the person has had it for at least a few months. Of course there are always exceptions to every rule and you probably won't ever be 100% sure of where it came from, but from the info you have, it sounds like she had it before you did.

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