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How many days of Valtrex?

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I just started a second OB within 2 months - unusual for me, but maybe the first one was due to an unavoidable and very heavy antibiotic course. Unfortunately I didn't catch that one in time.

Felt the tingling and immediately started Valtrex. All good, never blossomed. But is three days enough? My doctor doesn't seem too clear on what to do - my prescrip says 3 to 5 days. So... I'm not sure if I should continue (just finished the three days). I don't have that many outbreaks but I did have a nasty reminder in December of how very difficult they can make life.

All advice welcome! Thanks in advance!

Oh - I have HSV1.

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I thought I felt an OB coming on just this past week. I don't usually take the Valtrex twice per day for 10 seems a bit drastic. I usually take an "OB dosage" for 3 days and then I go back to suppressive. Seems to alleviate the symptoms.

Although I am making up my own rules on how to take an episodic dosage, it's best to consult a physician. Everyone is different.

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I was given Valacyclovir/Valtrex by my doctor 1G twice a day for 3 days. I immediately went on daily suppressive therapy after finishing the 3 days. It has been a week now and I am still very itchy at times and have what looks like hair bumps and dry spots that I always get. I just wonder when the symptoms will go away.

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    • jay12121
      @wilsoinaus then i honestly have no idea what it is i have because ive never had any signs that would lead me to believe i had coldsores or oral herpes before a couple months ago when i got really sick. my boyfriend ive had within the last 9 months and hes never had a coldsore pop up,  ive even asked my parents and they dont have a history of cold sores and i never had them when i was younger either, this is all so peculiar. what do you suggest i do in this situation? could i just be an anomaly and my primary outbreak didn't give me tons of blisters but every other symptom?  
    • WilsoInAus
      Herpes can only infect the area it is rubbed into. No genital sex, no genital herpes. you cannot get oral herpes from sharing drinks or straws. It is a concern that many people have, but it simply isn't the case.
    • Booyoutho
      this might sound silly but do I have herpes?  Im not sexually active or anything but my friend is and she got herpes from a guy so I was kinda worried if I had to share drinks with her if we went clubbing. Me and my friends went clubbing and on our way there we they pre drank, the other girls were passing round the drinks with the infected girl and i was worried because I skied from the alcohol bottle. But the next morning my bum was itching me and i found that weird. When I got home I checked down there my anus and around the area was shiny and itchy so I got really scared thinking that it would be herpes, i know it sounds silly. My infected friend might have had oral herpes as well but can you get genital herpes from drinking from someone else's cup or something because I found that weird. 
    • brookeb300
      ok bummer thanks for the info
    • Bella26
      Thanks  enjoy your birthday
    • cantdoit
      I find it disturbing that people on this site recommend this herb without at the very least telling people to check out how it can affect other drugs they may be taking. A lot of people on here take antidepressants I'm sure because of their hsv diagnosis and a desperate person may just go to a pharmacy and buy it and take without checking just out of desperation. We don't become pharmacists or medical doctors once we join this site. 
    • Sanguine108
      Not worth it and they probably won't prescribe it to you.  Waaaay dangerous. Spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic.   Electrolytes need to be at certain balance and potassium is a serious one o screw with, especially if you don't need to screw with it.
    • @lw@ys
      Did you read the article by any chance? They tested the oral version for efficacy and resistance, the article was last updated June 23 of this year. They are currently developing the oral and the results are from a completed Phase II trial.
    • Peeved
      I read that they recently completed a trial where they used patches on the skin instead of oral tablets. This was probably their way of getting around the issue that stopped their last trial. Hopefully it can be just as effective and get past the FDA
    • Felina88
      Can anyone break these down into laymens for us simple-folk?
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