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We had the talk a year ago but now he's asking questions but im too scared to talk

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Well over a year ago now we first slept together but b4 i obviously told him on the fone - I have herpes. And I said it like it was no big deal and his reaction was no big deal, he said thats alright ive never caught anything and slept with girls that have got that b4. So yer but now hes asking questions and wantsto know about it and im way to shy to talk about it with him. I dont want him to know about it, i feel embaressed ashamed, diseased. I said its no big deal jus like a coldsore but down there heaps of people have it, he said to me i should go get a check up, then i got sought of angry. Why do i need to be checkd for something ive already got and have known for 10 years. I dont think he realised theres no cure. Well hes never had any symptoms and weve slept together enough if he was goin to catch it. Does this mean he's in the clear? Or is it jus waiting dormant in his system waiting to come out when he gets badly stressed one day? I told him about it b4 we slept together and he wont wear a condom, and then i broke down about it one day and hed forgotton that id even told him. Im confused help me..........PLEASE I NEED SOME ADVICE!

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Hi Nice. You say that you are too shy to talk to your bf about it, one thing you can do is print out information for him and give it to him to read. There is a lot of great information to the right. You can print it out for him. I still think he should be able to ask you follow up questions though. I know you are shy, but if you've been together for over a year and you guys are sexually active, you should be able to talk to him about this. I know it is going to be hard, but if he has questions you guys should be able to talk about it. You say you don't want him to know about it, but he should know about it and his risks (assuming he doesn't have it) since he is in a relationship with someone who has it. Don't feel embarrassed, ashamed, or diseased. Don't make it a bigger deal then it is. Like you said, its just cold sores down there. It is a common and mostly harmless skin condition. You have no reason to feel ashamed or be embarrassed. :) He could also go to his doctors or somewhere like planned parenthood to get information about it. I hope that helps a bit.

I don't know why he would want you to get a check up. Sounds like he really doesn't understand the virus. That is why some education for him would be really good. Tell him that it doesn't change and there is no reason for you to get a check up. You have it and know what strain it is (I'm assuming), no reason to get checked again. Has he ever been checked for HSV? If not, he really should get checked. There is a chance he has it and it is dormant. He may have gotten it from you or someone else. He might also not have it. The only way to know is for him to get a blood test - an IgG type specific one.

I hope this helps. Take care! :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      You’re on the right track for sure. Did you get a swab of the lesions? Have you had an IgG blood retest for HSV?
    • amsb88
      I would like to hear from those who have genital hsv 1... I’m thinking that I have type 1 because the guy I believe gave it to me had cold sores.. or is this assumption wrong? What’s the chances of having type 2 from his cold sores? 
    • Tone123
    • Trace67
      LOL...............what a crock of shit! Lets get some of Rich Mancuscos magic minerals and some crystals to go with it.
    • smilingagain
      I am very sorry that you are feeling the way you do at this time.  I went through the full range of feelings and emotions you describe for more than 10X as long as you have (that's right over 30 years) .  I have no idea if what I am going to tell you will be of benefit but I have no doubt what soever that HSV2 has been eliminated from my life.    This happened several months ago.  How?  Through SCALAR ENERGY.  It is still hard for me believe at times that I am now free of it, but it's true. If you want to know more you should go to the website and read it all.  creativestrength.us  I have absolutely no connection to the good people at this site other than I am now totally well from the treatment (not expensive) and am telling my story in the hopes that the same will happen to them. 

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