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Each OB the same or different?

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Just when I think I am getting a grip on this, I get a new OB and a new symptom... this damn disease throws me a curveball every time.

This is my fourth OB, and on day 2, low and behold - here's something new - a severe cough! (So severe my eyes water really bad and it's hard to catch my breath.) I do not have a fever but I do have fatigue and body ache (low back pain and abdominal pain.)

First, is that normal? And second, how about ya'll? Are each of your OB's pretty similar or does good ole herpes keep it interesting for you as well?

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Hi, Im on my second confirmed ob and both of them have been acompanied with a cold. Im assuming that the herpes is weakening my immune system so Im getting more colds (i usually only get one a year and can often beat it with lemon ginger tea) and that the cold is weakening my system so im getting the outbreaks. This sucks. Here's some more info...

I just was diagnosed in Oct, and just had my second ob last week. My first ob was on my perinium and part way through I read about how studies showed that using lemon balm topically is very effective and that in a number of cases in the study when it was used on an initial outbreak, herpes did not come back in that same spot again. I was already on valcyclover, but had not noticed any improvement, but after putting lemon balm tincture (in an alcohol base) on with a cuetip (it stung the first time but less and less each time i used it) the swelling went down right away and it began to heal noticibly better, it also hurt less after it had stopped stinging.

My second ob showed up on my anus, which was swollen and painful, so right away started taking acyclover and I put the lemon balm on it and once again the swelling went right down within hours and the sore was healed within three days, it turned out that I also had another sore further in that I couldn't see without bearing down and doing contortionism, but that one has also almost completely healed 4 days after I found it and started putting the stuff on it. Im somewhat encouradged that it didn't come back on my perinium. From what Ive read, this sounds better than what most other people have reported, so I though Id throw it out there and see if anyone else has had or will have sucess with lemonbalm. Good luck.

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I did not have symptoms of a cold for any of my previous three OB's, and did not have a cough prior to this OB either...which is why I think it's so weird. I wouldn't be so freaked out by it except that it's a really bad cough. :(

Anyway, gald you found the lemonbalm...anything that works is such a godsend, isn't it??

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    • vzhe
      Amenamevir has a plasma half-life of 8-9 hours (as opposed to 2-3 hours for acyclovir), which means you're actively suppressing the virus for a much longer part of the day. Add to that the non-linear synergy of different mechanisms, and for many this combination could mean full symptom relief. We don't know yet, but it's not impossible. Can't wait for Amanalief to get approval for HSV and come to the US. It's all up to the FDA really. https://accp1.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/cpdd.630
    • dont quit!17
      Doesn't this suck. Using protection and still catching this BS. Uggh, my life story!!
    • Voyager2
      I think Dr. Jerome is just being cautious. I've followed what he's done and have 100% confidence in him. Predicting the exact number of years to a cure would be hard, but their last article about HSV makes me think it can't be too far off. 
    • Leemell48
      Did you ever find out if this was herpes or not?
    • WilsoInAus
      @GotMeAtLast I doubt the doctor actually told you that, that doesn’t explain why you kept coming here looking for validation.  By your own admission, you have had oral HSV-1 for years. Further you have never swabbed positive from your genital region. Everyone is allowed to form their own conclusions on the basis of that truth. If you wish to conclude you have genital herpes, that’s OK. If I want to conclude you don’t, that’s OK.

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