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zovirax for genital hsv 1

Bumbling fool

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Hi there.

My question is whether the cold sore drug zovirax, which contains acicoclyvir can be used on genital herpes type 1, as it is the same virus and thus would be useful to eliminate? Wondering if anyone has tried it as the packaging basically says "apply on the affected area" without specifying it being in the mouth or genitals?

Thanks in advance,

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I use it, either zovirax or cold sore betadine.

My sores are all external though....the label in Australia says not for internal use...so I wouldn't use it on the tender bits.

However in the UK if you go to a clinic they will give you the ointment for herpes of the eye which is safe for the more tender areas (I used to live in the UK). They won't prescribe the eye medication off license in Oz, here they prescribe the pills like valtrex instead. Which are generally better though as they can stop the herpes before it gets to your skin...once it has travelled down the nerve it is a little bit after the fact!

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