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Scenario for uncircumcised male

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Uncircumcised Male


1. shaved genital region 5 days prior to unprotected sex

2. excessive shea butter treatment underneath foreskin 2 weeks prior to sex

3. excessive alcohol during holiday season

4. 4 bumps linearly aligned, 2 cm or so spacing, along shaft of penis day after unprotected sex. no clusters.

5. 1 bump on penis head 2 days after unprotected sex

6. no watery, or pus filled blisters, each shaft bump has scabbed over

7. the bump on penis head isn't healing quickly due to foreskin retraction peeling scab

8. no flu, no fever, no chills, no fatigue, no itching, no prodrome symptoms

9. right groin lymph node swollen...same side of ob

10. excessive urination with pain prior to, and burn after, urination*

11. tough to pull foreskin over head

12. swollen head, mostly around glands of 6 o'clock and 1 o'clock where urethra hole denotes 12 o'clock

13. frequent vasocongestion (blue balls)

14. itchy / swollen eyes

15. slight smegma...never seen it in my life before...funky odor

16. no blood, nor noticeable discharge in urine

*urination problem cleared up overnight after a liter of organic cranberry juice

i know most of you aren't dr's, and i know to see one. the appointment is set for later this week. i have no live cultures to be swabbed and i know it's too early for the blood test to be positive.

what do you think? does this scream classic 1st ob?

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Dude...you really spend a lot of time looking at your cock ;-)

That being said every ones first outbreak is different... for me I got really bad flu symptoms and swollen lymph glands in my legs, as well as sciatic pain (stiff thigh) ect. Swollen gland doesn't always mean herpes though...it just means you have an "infection" it could be a scratch or stubbed toe even. Can you ask you partner whether they have herpes...that might give you a better idea of risk? Just remember it is more likely statistically that you don't have herpes than that you do. Only 1 in 4 have HSV 2 and even if they do have it it is less risky for a man to get it from a woman...so if they did have herpes I think the risk is around 5% per year if you are having sex 3-4 times a week. You are looking at a quite small risk I think--not that, that helps if you do have it...but for now console yourself that the chance is tiny.

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Not only do I agree with VTiny, but also will say that this doesn't sound even remotely like a "classic" primary OB.

Get to a doc and have things looked at. Hopefully that will put your mind at ease, one way or the other.

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i asked her, over the phone, and she said no. however, her inflection didn't sound too convincing, nor was she concerned with me breaking the ice that i've got a problem going on. there was the classic response of her angelic lifestyle...yada yada yada. so she's either lying, unaware of her condition, or hasn't had a scare of "oh @#$%" severity. the timing of previous sexual activity along with tests, assuming no false neg, nearly rules out everyone but her. this is quite possibly me over analyzing from stressing the situation.

@VTiny and RealisticGal

thank you for the optimism. it's made me relax quite a bit. hopefully, i'll find out what's going on soon.

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    • Seeker1960
      I wouldn't jump to conclusions but herpes is a posibility. Herpes cannot be positively diagnosed visually. There are othwr condition that produce similar symptoms. Go to the Doctor and have tje blisters swabbws within 48 hrs. If they dry up and you swab you may get a false negative. Take a  blood test in 12 weeks
    • Tense
      Wow, sorry this sounds pretty crappy. I too have been recently seen because of an outbreak. I wouldn't care abo It having this but, my love of my life was gone for 6 months and  now wants me back. What do i do?? Don't know what to say to tell him. Will go on supporessincd therapy.  To be honest. Sounds like he has something anyway. The o.b doesn't have to present. Some may not have an o.b because they have a good immune system. I am proud of you for getting tested to begin with. He may be positive and  may never test for fear of the knowing he has it. The tingling in the face is yes shedding. I get that and then get one on my nose. It sucks. Sorry to hear about your problem with all this. I am here to listen. I am deeply depressed and at a major low but, talking to many here will help.   
    • hopeing
      Yes they are likely herpes, go see a doctor.
    • Tense
      No, no oral. I kissed him,gave him oral and grinded on his part. The Dr swabbed my cervix, not the sores. I had a bad burning sensation, red area, and then i got red pimple like sores That popped up on the 11th the pain and itch are finally going away. I have been on acyclovir 400 mg 3 times a day since the 11th.  I had my rectal Area a few days ago pop up with a bunch of white pustukes that hurt like hell. He had a cut on his lip which I  now think he was having an outbreak.   
    • jingle
      The positive hsv1 blood test means you probably have oral hsv1 from childhood. Do you know what the value was for the blood test for hsv2? The positive swab may mean you recently got infected with hsv2. What kind of swab was it? culture or PCR? What symptoms did you have that was swabbed? Do you have any estimate of when you would have been exposed with the virus? any days when you had a new partner or unprotected sex? You might want to wait at least 12 weeks, ideally 16 weeks (and in rare cases up to 24 weeks) to get another IgG blood test done for confirmation about hsv2. In the meanwhile, if it is definitely hsv2, you're right, valtrex is most effective if taken as soon as symptoms start, no more than a day after symptoms start. Your body will adjust with time and you will likely not need to take it all your life, although that are people who take valtrex daily and do just fine. It all depends on how well your immune system can keep the virus in check. Do you ever get cold sores on your lips? If you don't, inspite of having oral hsv1, your immune system has learnt to keep hsv1 in check, and will eventually learn to do the same for hsv2. There are many natural alternatives, please read through the natural remedies section on this forum, it's a good place to start. No 2 people are same when it comes to natural remedies (or even valtrex for that matter) so you'll need to experiment and see what works best for you. By the way, the fist outbreak is the worst, so it's possible you may not even have another outbreak or may have outbreaks very rarely. The first year is usually the most outbreaks. Good luck, and let us know if you have more questions.
    • Spider man
      Hmmm I'd say it's always a risk so she needs to be prepared just in case. But I would say as you taking the suppression give it about a Max of 5 days til it's fully in your system and don't get off of it. Only have sex her ovulation days. Restrain from sex if u feel any symptoms coming. If you haven't already you need to study your body if you are asymptomatic I'd just say suppression therapy and sex only on ovulation days is your best bet. The risk will always be there but their are successful discordant couples going 10-20 years strong. So as long as she is aware of the risk I'd say go for it
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