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Scenario for uncircumcised male

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Uncircumcised Male


1. shaved genital region 5 days prior to unprotected sex

2. excessive shea butter treatment underneath foreskin 2 weeks prior to sex

3. excessive alcohol during holiday season

4. 4 bumps linearly aligned, 2 cm or so spacing, along shaft of penis day after unprotected sex. no clusters.

5. 1 bump on penis head 2 days after unprotected sex

6. no watery, or pus filled blisters, each shaft bump has scabbed over

7. the bump on penis head isn't healing quickly due to foreskin retraction peeling scab

8. no flu, no fever, no chills, no fatigue, no itching, no prodrome symptoms

9. right groin lymph node swollen...same side of ob

10. excessive urination with pain prior to, and burn after, urination*

11. tough to pull foreskin over head

12. swollen head, mostly around glands of 6 o'clock and 1 o'clock where urethra hole denotes 12 o'clock

13. frequent vasocongestion (blue balls)

14. itchy / swollen eyes

15. slight smegma...never seen it in my life before...funky odor

16. no blood, nor noticeable discharge in urine

*urination problem cleared up overnight after a liter of organic cranberry juice

i know most of you aren't dr's, and i know to see one. the appointment is set for later this week. i have no live cultures to be swabbed and i know it's too early for the blood test to be positive.

what do you think? does this scream classic 1st ob?

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That being said every ones first outbreak is different... for me I got really bad flu symptoms and swollen lymph glands in my legs, as well as sciatic pain (stiff thigh) ect. Swollen gland doesn't always mean herpes just means you have an "infection" it could be a scratch or stubbed toe even. Can you ask you partner whether they have herpes...that might give you a better idea of risk? Just remember it is more likely statistically that you don't have herpes than that you do. Only 1 in 4 have HSV 2 and even if they do have it it is less risky for a man to get it from a if they did have herpes I think the risk is around 5% per year if you are having sex 3-4 times a week. You are looking at a quite small risk I think--not that, that helps if you do have it...but for now console yourself that the chance is tiny.

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Not only do I agree with VTiny, but also will say that this doesn't sound even remotely like a "classic" primary OB.

Get to a doc and have things looked at. Hopefully that will put your mind at ease, one way or the other.

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i asked her, over the phone, and she said no. however, her inflection didn't sound too convincing, nor was she concerned with me breaking the ice that i've got a problem going on. there was the classic response of her angelic lifestyle...yada yada yada. so she's either lying, unaware of her condition, or hasn't had a scare of "oh @#$%" severity. the timing of previous sexual activity along with tests, assuming no false neg, nearly rules out everyone but her. this is quite possibly me over analyzing from stressing the situation.

@VTiny and RealisticGal

thank you for the optimism. it's made me relax quite a bit. hopefully, i'll find out what's going on soon.

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    • Lisajd
      Do you know which type she has?  Given that she's had it for about 20 years and if she suppresses the virus very well as in has not had any outbreaks for a while she is pretty low risk.   If she uses medication and you use condoms that brings that down to about 2% risk at any rate.  But you'll get some good information here and  ask questions if you have any but I guess you always have to keep in mind that there is a risk and you have to be prepared to take it.  
    • Maybe1day
    • lucabrasi
      Glad I found this forum! I started dating a wonderful gal about 6 weeks ago and on our 4th date she revealed to me that she contracted herpes about 20 years ago. We haven't been intimate, yet, partly because of timing and partly because of my hesitancy. I'm going to peruse the forum some before I ask any specific questions but thanks in advance!
    • Lisajd
      Some people just get very different symptoms.  All as I know for me is that they become itchy and scab a certain way that is different to a pimple. . And they do hurt differently to a pimple that scabs and get sore.    Usually they will appear in the same spot but can be in a different area within the genital region.  I guess I wouldn't worry too much because if it does come up to be a herpes outbreak it certainly won't be as bad as your first outbreak and you can treat it pretty quickly with antivirals or just let it heal itself whistle tea tree oil for example but if you're in a relationship you do want to be aware of what is viral shedding and what is a normal itch. . Look at it is going to turn into an outbreak it won't be as bad as your first and also you Can Heal it pretty quickly with antiviral meds or even applying tea tree oil for example but if you were in a relationship you need to be aware that it could be viral shedding.   Eventually you will get to know your own symptoms
    • Free73
      go and do a full STD test, no point guessing. My outbreaks have never been yellow
    • Jrjayy22
      Ive been on here many times, being told many times i do not have hsv2.  But i just cannot move on..  Im sorry for bothering u all but i just dont know how to move on.  Tested negative igg 2 days, 4 week swab, igg neg at 10 weeks and 16 weeks/120 days.  I think the swab may have been too late, they were pre existing bumps that never went away but then suddenly caused some pain and then later erupted and there was blood and some pus I believe.  I feel like it wasnt herpes but idk.  I had some red bump 2 weeks after exposure on my penis.  It didnt seem to have pus, never saw it pop or anything.  Took 4 weeks to fully go away, didnt hurt to touch after awhile and it just became darker and then disappeared but idk if it scabbed.  Then weeks later i had another bump, it was yellow and looked it couldve had pus.  I examined it closely and saw the hair in it, concluding it was an ingrown hair.  After 4 days it disappeared only leaving a red area for a day or 2.  Then a few weeks later another bump like it showed up but disappeared the same day i found it.  Month later, yellow smaller one on my thigh, 4 days or so the yellowness disappeared but left a dark red spot.  Then last week i had a yellow bump that was kinday itchy and kinda hurted touch on my shoulder.  Few days and all was left was a dark red area.  The only thing i can rule this out to be now, is that o have recurring folliculitis due to my increased stress and anxiety causing problems for my immune system to effectively stop folliculitis outbreaks.  Ive never had things like this on my body before.  Idk i hear 3 months is indeed conclusive but reading other posts and their info and contradicting results, it scares me.  I am trying to get past this.  Ik my type of exposure is low or no risk but idk.  This experience has been so very traumatizing for me.  What do u think this all can be if not herpes?  Im sorry wilsoinaus if u read this, i just dont know, im just struggling so much to get past this..
    • thebear123
      Hi, MK, just checking to see if you how you are and if you have any updates?
    • thebear123
      Lisajd, Is it possible for recurring outbreaks to not itch, tingle, burn, or hurt at all? If so, how likely? My trouble with differentiating is that my pimples seem to itch very minutely also scab over. 
    • Free73
      yes, I also think it depends on the source of your previous outbreaks? For me, I got outbreaks on my upper thigh, so when/if my upper thigh is exposed to the sun for an extended period, a rash will start to form.
    • Stronginsepa
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