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I was just diagnosed on Monday with GH. I live with my bf who so far has not had a breakout. Of which, neither of us knew we, or just I, had this virus. Of course, with me being the one having the breakout, I am being blamed. Even though I havent been sexual with anyone else in the last 5 months. And he hasn't either. That I know of. I was having a breakout over the weekend, although I did not know at the time that I had GH. My bf and I had intercourse while I had the open sores the day before I found out what I had. I actually did a random STD check a month ago and came back clean. So here are my questions:

IF by chance I was the carrier and not him, what are the chances that he caught it when we had intercourse during my breakout?

If I had the virus a month ago when I was STD checked, would they have been able to see it?

I heard you can have the virus for years and never know it, but I keep reading that you can have a breakout within 2 weeks of being exposed. Is that true?

My bf has the HSV1. He gets a sore on his lip usually twice a year. Ive read that sometimes that can cause HSV2...how true is that?(he does not do oral sex so I am not sure if that could be what happened without his face touching 'down there')

Is SEVERE itching and discharge normal during an outbreak? How long does it last?

The doctor did NOT do any tests. He just went by what he saw on me. And diagnosed it as GH. I have all the sores, itching, d/c, etc. But is there a chance I could have something else? Maybe i am just in denial still.

My bf and I have been off and on for 3.5 years...but for the last 5 months neither of us have been with anyone else. Well, I know I haven't, and I really don't think he has been either, but with this happening it makes me wonder. I am still in shock! I have always been a "careful" person. Or I thought so anyways. I have only told one person(other than my bf) but I figured it would help to talk with people who have it too. Of course my bf is pointing fingers at me since I am the one having the breakout. I am just so confused and wonder how this could have happened if we havent been sexual with anyone else since we've been together. Thanks for the help

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Good Morning CLC, I've shared your same fears and have some similiar questions. I was in a long term relationship, over 10 years and currently in this relationship for 2 years. My bf nor myself had ever had any symptoms or out breaks until I had one 3 weeks ago, just days after New Years. Little did I know my new year would start out horribly, I had very high hopes for this year too...

I'll be interested to see what responses you get to your questions as I have some of the of same ones.

Life will go on and things will get better, this is what I keep telling myself as I continue to read the posts. I'm still waiting for total acceptance even though I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it.

Thanks for your post and be positive....


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    • Franky26
      Hey @WilsoInAus   Thank you for your reply, we live in north America, she did the test here in Canada, I will attach a copy of the test below. I understand your point of view but its hard for me to cope with this. I never thought this would happen to me which I m sure most people feel the same.  yes I did took vows for better or worst but I feel those vows are for whatever happens after marriage not because of something happened in the past.  i feel like this is something that is going to remind me of her past for the rest of my life. its not easy for me to look past that.   
    • ayekayelle
      It was properly typed. Definitely HSV-2. No, he doesn’t get oral cold sores. So should I expect this to be another OB coming? I’ve never had an outbreak in my life and have been with my husband for 8 years with no problem! So I hope this isn’t going to keep occurring  
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @ayekayelle I am afraid to say this is pretty typical of the first few months, a fairly high chance of rolling outbreaks. Maybe the suppressive therapy will be of assistance for a while at least. By the way just to add, was you culture properly typed? Or just assumed to be HSV-2 given location? Its 50/50 seemingly as to whether cultures are typed. Does your husband get oral cold sores?
    • ayekayelle
      I just had my first OB during the first week of April, and was diagnosed with HSV2 on April 12th. I just finished my 10 day cycle of acyclovir yesterday. Today I've been feeling uncomfortable. No burning or pins and needles feelings, just more so uncomfortable and not right down there. Is it possible to be getting another OB this soon, or am I just being paranoid? I'm starting suppressive therapy as soon as I receive my medication. Blah...
    • Quest
      Doesn't sound like HSV. You can get tested in 12 wks to be sure. Get rest 
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