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Red Sore/Inflamation and feel bad. Sounds like i got something....

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I have been sexually active for years now. Most protected, but some unprotected.

Day one ( day )- I notice a red patch ( some what itchy/tingle ) located on the piece of skin flap where the penis meets the scrotum/testicles. I didnt see any puss or bleeding.

Day one ( night )- i toss and turn almost all night. I felt like the way i feel just before i catch a cold or get a sore throat. I pop vitamin c's and airborne in the middle of the night. i felt like crap.

Day Two ( Day) - Slight pains, itchiness has now become a bit more noticeable. Im not crying in pain or scratching that area, but its annoying. I feel almost hungover ( exhausted and stressed). The red patch looks the same still. But now i have some significant inflammation/swelling. The area directly underneath the red patch, the base of my penis and a portion of my sack. Swollen to the point my penis is slightly leaning to the left. It also felt like numbness in the swelling areas. Its a bit scary, but im keeping track of its progression.

Day Two ( night) - Nothing new. Slept like a baby though. Added some baby powder to the area to help a bit. ( read that somewhere )

Day Three ( today!!) - woke up this morning and assesed my situation. Still swollen, but i think its less intense. Less red, slightly less swollen. Less soreness and itchyness. I dont feel as much of that numbness feeling. The patch really looks the same, and really hasnt taken on different forms or colors. Its the inflammation/swelling thats concerning me the most right now.

I know i should see i doctor, and i will if i dont see some improvment by tommorow morning. It all looks a bit better, and feels a bit better. This sounds and looks like a herpes outbreak. Thats what i figured.

Is this heavy inflammation/swelling a typical symtom some of you have had?

If so...how long about until it goes down? Should i use some anti-inflammatory or something?

Thank you everyone!

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Yes go see a doctor. Don't assume it is herpes until you are diagnosed by a medical professional. There are may things that can cause these symptoms. On the list of links on the right click on "Conditions that look like Herpes", you may see what you have there.

Good luck!


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I think that most of the literature would say that it is pretty much impossible to get the onset of symptoms within 48 hours of exposure. And, assuming you did not already have herpes, it would be equally unlikely to have a primary outbreak start clearing up by Day 3.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Celinaxox
      Hey so I have told a few people when I was first diagnosed and panicky. My mother knows, and 3 close friends and honestly to my surprise they were very supportive and just wanted to make sure I was okay, they still invite me out like usual nothing has changed and atleast one of them gets oral coldsores it's the same damn thing. I dont tell coworkers I draw the line there and I don't tell men who are interested in me it's not their business unless I choose to become physical with them and therefore risk transmition. I have been dating through a herpes dating site and it's been working out well for me I'm not totally sure I want to be "out" to everyone because the world is still the world and their are immature people out there. 
    • Quest
      Just tell him you have been thinking about it and you want to go get tested with him. Don't believe anyone until you see their paperwork
    • Quest
      Amazon has it in bulk and caps
    • Quest
      Make sure you see his results on paper!!!
    • vzhe
      I've used it to effectively abort an outbreak immediately. See here: Pretty convinced of the combo for this. Never had any success like that before ever. Will 100% keep using it.

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