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Someone please help.

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I am very positive that i have genital hsv-1.

Everyonce in a while i get a couple little scabs on my thighs that dont go away as fast as a normal scab should go away. They are never itchy or sore. And it never hurts while urinating or anything.

Does this sound like herpes symptoms?

And please is there anything that actually works to suppress the virus and not pass it on anymore?

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Hi sunglasses ---

The symptoms you are describing really don't sound like herpes, but herpes can show up in atypical ways.

Many, many things can mimic HSV, and vice versa. Trying to diagnose herpes based on the appearance of symptoms on the skin is very unreliable. Even a doctor will make mistakes that way many times. They need laboratory tests to confirm whether or not a person has herpes.

The best thing you can do if you are really concerned is get in to see a doctor or go to a clinic. Get proper laboratory tests done. You may come up positive on a blood test for HSV1 even if you do not have it in your genital area, because about 80% of the adult population has it in the oral form. That means that a positive result on a blood test will not tell you WHERE you have HSV, if you have it.

So if you can, get in and have those bumps swabbed and cultured.

There is no 100% sure way to avoid transmission of herpes if a person actually has it, other than complete avoidance of skin to skin contact with other humans. Antiviral medications can cut shedding rates by about 50%. Use of condoms also helps a bit. But condoms do not cover a whole lot of territory (boxer shorts area) that might potentially shed virus. Not to mention, if a person has oral herpes the facial/mouth area sheds and can transmit herpes.

Anyway, back to the point --- it does not sound like "classic" herpes symptoms to me. But if you are concerned, you could get tested for your peace of mind. If you can find a doc who has a clue, he or she might be able to identify what those scabs are all about and it might be something else altogether.


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I agree with RealisticGal. Get the bumps checked out. The doctors will be able to tell you better than we can. :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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