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midwest gal


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midwest gal

Hello all. I was just diagnosed earlier this week with genital herpes. I'm still awaiting the swap culture results to come back, but my gyn was certain it was. I've been married for 7 years and neither my husband or I have had any symptoms in the past. Shortly after we were married, my husband's ex contacted him and told him he should get tested because she had an outbreak. Neither of us really thought much of it because we were in a committed relationship and had never had any symptoms in the 2 years since he'd been with her.

I'd had visible bumps for 3 days when I went into the doctor because I had no reason to suspect genital herpes and had been treating my "yeast infection" and "razor burn". I'm now on day 3 of valtrex and have been using a topical lidocaine as well. When will it get better??? I am in so much pain! The lidocaine seems to help for about 30 minutes before wearing off, but even with the addition of 600mg of ibuprofen the pain is unbearable! I've been taking warm baths to ease the burn and to help me urinate...but as soon as I get out the lesions start to puss and burn again! Is there anything I can do or take to find relief?

I've heard the first outbreak is the worst and it won't be this severe in the future...but this is worse than childbirth, and I've birthed an 8lb baby without medication!

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I test positive for 1 and 2 but my outbreaks are either non-existent or they are so mild do not notice them. I have spoken to many people who tell me that the first year is really tough, that eventually your immune system learns how to suppress the outbreaks. Diet is also very important, I think certain foods are know to cause OB, peanuts, chocolate, and coconut are a few. When you urinate have a glass of warm water and pour it on your privates and then start peeing, I think this may help.

Wishing you relief and all my best.

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with my initial outbreak it was sooo painful. I had only been sexual active twice and because of that my immune system must have wondered what had happened as I couldn't sit, peeing was just terrible, it was one of the worst outbreaks the clinic had seen! I found having a bath with salt in it was great and if you have to squat and pee in the bath. Hope things get better for you fast.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Elly86
      @WilsoInAus thanks for the clarification. I am currently taking into account all possibilities that i might encounter, since my fiance is positive HSV-1. I am preparing myself for the future, if I however eventually get infected from him. Im on the brink . We will have an appointment with a Doctor on friday, to justify more about this and I am so anxious of knowing what the Dr will say. I am scare it might effect my decision of marrying him. How I wish this virus could be kill, how I wish life hasn't be this cruel to us. The day for us to tie the knot is just around the corner, everything had been prepared and we are tested with this news. Im showing my support to him right now but deep down, Im sooo scared. It's truly an adventure
    • WilsoInAus
      Note that it’s not an infection as we know it the eye, these are caused by bacteria. Sometimes though the virus will attack the cornea and cause issues. It is estimated about 1 in 50,000 people per year will suffer some vision impairment from HSV-1. However these people are almost always not treated with antivirals where success appears to be over 90% for preventing permanent damage.
    • Elly86
      Hi..Ive been browsing around the web, and find out that HSV1 might caused eye infection and ultimately blindness..how common is this? Anyone experiencing this before?
    • Elly86
      Hi @patpat I encountered same situation like yours. I really want to know what is your next step. Did you finally get married? How is your life now? Any advice?  I know this is an old thread but this is related to me. Would be so much relieve to be able to talk to someone in the same shoe. Hope you still buzzing around honeycomb
    • metamorphosis333
      BHT has helped me soooo much! When I first got infected my outbreaks were constant .. one would heal up and there comes another ... it was terrible . I was so fuxking depressed and miserable. I cut out the “trigger foods” took vitamin c and lysine .. drank apple cider vinegar .. nothing worked until BHT!!! Now that I take BHT i rarely have Outbreaks. If I do it’s because I sometimes forget and skip taking it .. or I eat some trigger food + forget the Bht .. but even then my outbreaks are SOOOO a mild compared to before . I’ve had outbreaks that have disappeared in a day . Sometimes I up my dosage on BHT when I do have a mild outbreak , and apply topically. It really has been such a blessing to find out about BHT 

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