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Is there a doctor in the house?

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First things first, I want to say thank you to everyone online who's gotten me through the past few days. Even though this is my first post:wavey:, the people willing to help those of us learn to cope are true life savers. :flowers: I know mine might very well be in your debt. Now it's story time. :cool:

Last week went out with some friends, and we ended up running into some girls throwing a bachlorette party. One thing leads to another, and we all end up going back to Sarah's place, who was the girl I had been talking to all night. Me and her had unprotected sex. Since I'm on this forum, I think we can all figure out what the outcome of that was.

Immediately afterwards (I'm talking 10-12 hours here) I knew something was wrong. I had an odd discomfort in my penis, and when I looked I had what looked like precum at the tip of my penis. I started researching and thought it was gonorrhea, since that typically works fast and of course has the discharge as a major symptom. The next day I didn't notice any discharge but still noticed the same discomfort (tip of penis sensitive, overall feeling of a need to tug on it. I looked like a 5yr who just discovered the thing). By the next day the discomfort had dropped a lot, in that I could walk and not be bothered outside of the tip being sensitive. However the slight itching I had been having seemed to go up a bit that day, and the feeling of the area being flushed went up. Also noticed a slight red blotch at the head of the penis for a couple hours. Researched again and nailed the symptoms down to Herpes, with one major caveat. I don't have any noticeable bumps. Like at all. But then that doesn't really mean anything, so I come to terms with the fact I probably have it. Next day discomfort is down more, with and equal amount of itching/heat to area, but again nothing to make me positive. Today I noticed some blotches by the corner of my mouth and I have an itching feeling at the corner of my left eye. I'm really concerned as to what this could mean.

The biggest issue I have is that I'm in the military. Honestly, I'm afraid to get tested because no less than three people have been removed from my base in the past couple of months for STD's. It was just the other day this was brought up, and I had been planning on visiting the on-base clinic about it. Now I'm not so sure if that is a good idea... I still haven't been tested (it's been 5 nights since the only possible time I could have been infected), but everything looks to me like I know what I have. My issue now is getting a final confirmation on it by a doctor and living with it. However, I can't be removed from service, and if herpes will have that happen then I have no choice but to avoid being tested. I could use some guidance as to what to do, if anyone wants to be so kind. And honestly, if you've read to the end of this, you've already wasted enough time that you might as well lol.

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Sorry you are going through this tough time.

First, let me just say that you very well might be wrong. For one thing, the symptoms you are describing, as well as the timing (symptoms in less than a day) don't fit all that well with a "typical" case of herpes simplex. That doesn't mean it isn't possible --- herpes is a sneaky little bastard of a virus that can mimic many other conditions. But you very well might not have herpes. The only way to know is to go get some laboratory tests done. Not even herpes "experts" can diagnose reliably based only on symptoms and visual exam.

I'm stunned that they have kicked out some of your cohorts for this. But I'm betting that isn't really the case. From the research I have found about military regs on this (I looked into it a few months ago), they would discharge a member for some STIs, but not for HSV. Do you know for certain that any of those who were "removed" actually had HSV? Seriously, there is a list of specific STIs that the military won't accept. HSV is not one of them.

If you are really concerned about that, go off base. You should be able to find a clinic like Planned Parenthood or the local Health Department or a private STI clinic. Many of them will charge based on a sliding scale. If you are concerned about the ramifications of getting tested on base, that would be the way to go. Don't endanger your health (this could be something else that you NEED to treat) by avoiding testing. Something is clearly happening. You need to find out what that is.

Thanks for serving, and take care... :wavey:

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Trust me, my symptom timings were the original reason I didn't suspect herpes at first. I've decided on the off base route, I just had to wait until today to go and get it done. No, I don't know the actual STI that the members removed had, I just know that it was "nasty" (probably HIV, considering that they were removed, however I don't know). If you have any idea what this could be outside of HSV-1/2, let me know so I can look into it. See how it coincides with what I've been dealing with. For a day I thought maybe I got a yeast infection, which obviously mimics the symptoms of HSV, but I don't think so anymore. I just didn't know how I could do it without the military getting the records, and of course worrying about being removed.

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I'm sorry, but your symptoms are so random I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess. Could be chlamydia, gonorrhea, whatever. Get tested and then you'll know.

Just to let you know, here's what I found about MEBs for STDs:

Conditions listed here require Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) processing for active duty members, worldwide duty evaluation for reserve/guard members when appropriate, and are not all-inclusive. While the information here was derived from Air Force Instruction 148-123, it incorporates Department of Defense (DOD) Standards, and is generally applicable to all of the military services.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The following medical conditions could result in initiation of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), and could result in medical discharge:

Symptomatic neurosyphilis, in any form.

Complications or residuals of sexually transmitted disease, of such chronicity or degree of severity the individual is incapable of performing duty.

Above Information Derived from Air Force Instruction 148-23

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I has pretty much the same symptoms you are describing and tested positive for genital herpes after going through all the treatments for bacterial stds. Sorry man.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      You’re on the right track for sure. Did you get a swab of the lesions? Have you had an IgG blood retest for HSV?
    • amsb88
      I would like to hear from those who have genital hsv 1... I’m thinking that I have type 1 because the guy I believe gave it to me had cold sores.. or is this assumption wrong? What’s the chances of having type 2 from his cold sores? 
    • Tone123
    • Trace67
      LOL...............what a crock of shit! Lets get some of Rich Mancuscos magic minerals and some crystals to go with it.
    • smilingagain
      I am very sorry that you are feeling the way you do at this time.  I went through the full range of feelings and emotions you describe for more than 10X as long as you have (that's right over 30 years) .  I have no idea if what I am going to tell you will be of benefit but I have no doubt what soever that HSV2 has been eliminated from my life.    This happened several months ago.  How?  Through SCALAR ENERGY.  It is still hard for me believe at times that I am now free of it, but it's true. If you want to know more you should go to the website and read it all.  creativestrength.us  I have absolutely no connection to the good people at this site other than I am now totally well from the treatment (not expensive) and am telling my story in the hopes that the same will happen to them. 

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