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Too late for Dynamiclear rapid?

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Hey everyone

So I have had a cold sore for the better part of a week now, and it is now in its scabbed stage. I have been using Abreva and it seems to be helping. However at the beginning of the week I ordered some Dynamiclear, well it has finally arrived but everything I have found online says it should be applied to open sores, and is suppose to sting when added. My thoughts now are that the medication will not be able to get through the scab and I am debating opening the scab so that I may apply the dynamiclear. I simply wondering if anyone has gone through similar actions and whether or not they were successful. Also is is all right to use multiple topical treatments ie Dynamiclear and Abreva?

I encourage you insight


~turtledude :p

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Cindy Robinson

Hi turtledude

My name is Cindy and I work with the customer support team at Dynamiclear, hopefully I can offer some help with your situation.

In short, Dynamiclear should be applied when the symptoms are very active (such as when there is a blister, lesion, pimple or tear present). If the outbreak has already begun to form a scab then it may be best to wait until your next outbreak to make the application, unless you feel that the infection is still active and requires an application of the antiviral Dynamiclear solution to clear it.

Do not open or remove the scab - this is very important! Doing so will cause trauma to your skin and could cause the sore to become very irritated, AND... it will definitely take longer to heal. Also, it could cause your skin to scar. Instead, at this stage try applying something that will soothe the skin and assist with the scabbing and repair process, such as Aloe vera gel or vitamin e cream or oil (anything that is gentle and soothing, ideally a product that is used to repair or moisturize the skin).

You can download Application Tips here: http://www.dynamiclear.com/pamphlets/advantage-application-tips.pdf

It is easier to understand why Dynamiclear is applied in this way if you understand how the formula works.

Dynamiclear attacks and destroys the virus with each contact. Under a microscope Dynamiclear actually ruptures and destroys the DNA and host cell of the herpes simplex virus, stopping it from multiplying and spreading further. This dramatically reduces the virus’ chance of surviving or replicating and effectively kills the local infection.

For this reason you will need to make the application at a time when the virus is active on the surface of the skin.

As mentioned above, Dynamiclear works best when applied to active symptoms like a blister, lesion, pimple or tear. The more active the symptoms are at the time of application the greater the chance of reducing future outbreak cycles.

turtledude, if your outbreak has already reached the scabbing stage then this is a good indication that the virus has already run its cycle and that the lesion is now beginning to heal. The crusting that you can see is actually your skin repairing and regenerating itself. The last thing that you want to do is remove this scab, as the wound is already healing and the new layer of healthy skin is already forming.

P.S. It is best not to apply other products to the area at the same time as Dynamiclear because you run the risk of irritating the area and it may very likely interfere with the treatment working as it is intended to.

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