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just chill

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everyone needs to take a step back....and relax..

life goes on and the faster you realize this, the faster you can channel the frustration and whatever else you feel into productive ways to feel better/ meet people/ etc..

i wake up every day and feel so lucky to be alive, and live in a free country.

Some people in this world aren't that lucky at all, some are ridiculed or even killed because of their beliefs and actions. They have their freedom stripped of them and honestly have no reason to keep going....but they do. In 2001 I sponsored a family from the Sudan. They were Christians that were chased out of their home by Muslim factions. Their house and all belongings were burnt to the ground. The father's bakery was burnt to the ground. They were chased out of town and had to flee in the desert for 2 weeks. Wol (father), Elizabeth (mother), Leeu (12 year old son), Rring (6 year old son), and a infant named Yak. In their distress they came across a Christian Ministry that got them on the sponsorship program. Anyway they lived at my house for 2 years until they could stand on their own feet. Haha let me tell you about the words culture shock. It was hilarious. Wol was the only one that spoke English, the rest spoke Dinka. It was heart breaking to hear the stories of families being killed. their neighbors, friends. Now Wol owns a Cab business and has his own house. Elizabeth has gotten into linguistics and works with children coming over from that area. Leeu is on a full ride scholarship to some university. And the children are finishing school. Every time I run into Wol, I get a big handshake and a update of how well his family is doing. You want inspiration, look at this family. To me it serves as a reminder that life could be a lot worse...and I am so lucky to have only the circumstances that I do.

Having a virus that some 2/3 of humanity has is not the end of the world. Having a tattoo does not stop you from skydiving....just remember that.

Never give up.

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