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new tears dispite acyclovir daily..so frustrated please shed some light!!!

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I have been taking 400mg 2x daily of acyclovir for about a month and a half now. During Jan alone I have gotten 3 tears (I don't get sores, just very small tiny tears, usually one at a time).

I am so frustrated because I am taking the acyclovir which I thought was supposed to suppress it. I think that I have had HSV for years now, but before i didn't know.

I don't know why if I had this for a while, all of a sudden I am getting these tears several times a month WHILE taking acyclovir.

I don't have health insurance, so I cannot afford Valtrex. I am taking garlic supplements and lysine along with the acyclovir but I'm still getting the tears.

It is hard enough being single and trying to date and tell someone that you are HSV positive, but it would be even harder to have to tell my partner 3x a month that I can't have sex due to an outbreak (Not to mention an extra week when I get my period)

I am so frustrated and want to get this under control..any advice would be MUCH appreciated.


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In it for life

I am so sorry you are still having a problems while you're taking suppressive therapy. It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor and perhaps try some of the other medications available.

Also it is a good idea to check in on your stress level... job, family, etc... stress is a huge component for OBs; your immune system as well.... right now, this is the time of year, when there are several bugs going around, colds, flu, stomach, etc... if your immune system is busy fighting bugs, it will make the hsv 2nd place.

check in on diet and exercise... and maybe try a yoga class...

wish I could offer more....

I hope you feel better soon!

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I am very active, I run very often or am taking some sort of fitness class..I also watch what I eat..:/

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Celinaxox
      Hey so I have told a few people when I was first diagnosed and panicky. My mother knows, and 3 close friends and honestly to my surprise they were very supportive and just wanted to make sure I was okay, they still invite me out like usual nothing has changed and atleast one of them gets oral coldsores it's the same damn thing. I dont tell coworkers I draw the line there and I don't tell men who are interested in me it's not their business unless I choose to become physical with them and therefore risk transmition. I have been dating through a herpes dating site and it's been working out well for me I'm not totally sure I want to be "out" to everyone because the world is still the world and their are immature people out there. 
    • Quest
      Just tell him you have been thinking about it and you want to go get tested with him. Don't believe anyone until you see their paperwork
    • Quest
      Amazon has it in bulk and caps
    • Quest
      Make sure you see his results on paper!!!
    • vzhe
      I've used it to effectively abort an outbreak immediately. See here: Pretty convinced of the combo for this. Never had any success like that before ever. Will 100% keep using it.

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