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Hello all.

I had sex with a new guy for the first time last week. He said that he was clean but we still used a condom. The next day I had extreme itching on my labia but not the inside of the vagina. The itching is still present a week later, but it is less severe. I have no unusual discharge, in fact, I feel rather dry. There are two small flesh-colored bumps right at the base of the labia, but they are not open sores. I have an appointment to get a full STD-workup on Friday. Does this sound like herpes or something else? I'm not allergic to latex that I know of, I've never had a yeast infection before, so this is all new to me.


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Itching the next day after intercourse would be too soon for it to be a herpes symptom. As for your flesh coloured bumps, herpes can present in a variety of different ways, and just about any irregularity could technically be an atypical presentation of herpes. But, if the bumps don't progress to a blister, lesion and/or scab then herpes is less likely.

At your STD workup, ask for an IgG type-specific herpes blood test if you want to know your status. If you are negative, you will thereafter have to get the same test 12-16 weeks after your most recent exposure to be sure that you are negative.

Of course, 1/4 North American women are positive for HSV-2, and depending on your history, you could already be positive from a previous exposure.

All that said, this sounds like a relatively low-risk exposure (i.e. protected sex, itching too soon, atypical presentation).

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