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Painless Bumps

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've yet to be diagnosed but wanted to share my experience and update to better inform the public and others who are concerned about their health.

All of this started around the time I started dating my current girlfriend. We are very sexually active and she doesnt get very wet during sex. We went without using lubrication for quite some time too. A few days after a rough sex session I was masturbating and felt a small, dry scab the size of a pin head. After searching around I found a few more. I assumed it was from the dry intercourse a few days prior. As time went on and this occurred again I began to worry that it may be something else. I have small bumps on the shaft and under the head of my penis which dont really go away. They will form a small dot of a scab in the center of them after sex which will last for a while then go away. I'm not sure if the bumps come or go. Once I feel a scab and start looking I seem to find more bumps. Also, these bumps are really unnoticable unless I spread the skin apart to look closely. Then it becomes apparent that a bump is present. Not sure if its paranoia or a break out. The bumps are nonpainfull and dont crust, they just get that tiny center scab and then heal up. The only other symptom that I have which relates to herpes is rectal itching/discomfort. I was diagnosed with hemeroids about a year ago so I'm hoping that its just coincidental that I have both symptoms at once, especially since i have never had anal intercourse or anything of the such.

I brought this up at my physical a few weeks ago any my doctor dismissed it saying that I would def know if I had a blister and it would most def be painful. He suggested i go to a clinic to get tested if I still felt the need because they dont report to insurance companies. I plan on going tomorrow.

Has anyone experienced or heard of these symptoms? Any info would be helpful

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • viralfrog
      That's some new info for me you mentioned about talking valtrex during the first month of infection. When I got mine, it was after heavy nights of partying (that I don't normally do) in the southern islands so my immunity was definitely dead. I was still a student back then.. I didn't start Acyclovir until a month after or so.  For mixing BHT with coconut oil, I just added them together into a glass pipette bottle and put the jar in a bowl of almost boiling water. It worked very easily to create a 250mg/ml solution.  I might give BHT another try, I quit if after 2 weeks because I didn't get any effects from it. Might give it another go at 1g/day.  Root canalled tooth.. is this because you get the outbreaks in your mouth? I also have a root canalled tooth but the OBs are genital. 
    • jmherped
      Yes, it was affecting my thyroid, I can feel it swell when the infection comes on.  It is known as hashimoto's.  The immune system inadvertently attacks the thyroid tissue in a collateral damage type effect.  It can be caused by any of the 8 types of herpes virus.  I believe that my infection is in my vagus nerve.  Anyways, it has been hell, but I have it to a manageable level now.  Steven also said that the recurring infection could be due to a root canalled tooth.  I had a root canal job done on a molar but never got around to putting a crown on it, so that could be causing some reactivation as well.  I am planning to pull it out soon. 
    • jmherped
      Thanks Quest, so I just googled this and it appears that heating does break it down.  I have been heating at the lowest heat that my gas burner will burn at, and just to the point where I can get it to dissolve, but it appears I have been inactivating a percentage of the bht.  Will have to figure out a better way.   I think heating to 100 degrees celsius likely will not inactivate too much.  According to this study, heating it to 175 degrees for 2 hours only inactivated 15-30% of the bht.  I think I read the way to heat it was inside a jar placed into a pot of boiling or simmering water.  Will try making a batch that way.  https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11746-000-0147-9 
    • jmherped
      Valtrex is worthless against my strain anyways, it does next to nothing, and it irritates my kidneys, so for some strains it will do nothing period.  It is criminal that there are vaccines that have been developed that can't get funding from big pharma.  Seriously hate big pharma. 
    • JHenry
      To save everyone time in translating, the article is about Trivalent and contains nothing “new” to share.  However, fingers crossed on this one :-)

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