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"How Herpes Saved My Life"

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How Herpes Saved My Life by adult star and sex educator Midori:

I have genital and oral herpes—and I swear it saved my life. It sounds weird, I know, but it's true.

I contracted herpes as an undergrad at Berkeley in the mid 80s. My boyfriend had a cold sore on his lips after the first sunny day of skiing. Since childhood he would get the same little blister after the first day on the slopes, so he didn't think much of it. Both of us ignorant of the potential transmissions to genital areas, he went gloriously down on me.

If I hadn't contracted herpes in college, I think I would have engaged in a lot of stupid, unsafe sex. I'd likely have contracted far more serious sexual transmitted conditions. Let's be serious, I'd be… Dead.A week or so later my entire vulva erupted in horribly painful oozing sores. The nurse practitioner at the university health clinic coldly declared the diagnosis and bluntly dismissed me with a prescription slip. She was neither helpful nor comforting for this scared kid. Judgment hardened her face.

This initial outbreak lasted for a couple of painful weeks. For the next few years I suffered frequent and debilitating outbreaks. Why did I suffer so when others with the same disease got away with hardly an itch?

As I struggled with feeling contaminated and crippled during that first year, I was accepted into an excellent seminar on the mind-body connection in the Psychology department. As a coping mechanism of the grieving nerd, I decided to make herpes recurrences and triggers my research topic. Since this was before the Interweb, much less Google or medical information sites, it wasn't uncommon for the average citizen to be totally in the dark about their medical conditions. Armed with treasured access to the university library, I combed through card catalog (how archaic!) databases on disparate current research. This research process, supported by a non-judgmental and brilliant professor, helped me to better understand the disease, manage outbreaks and, most importantly, normalized the situation for me.

But that's not how herpes saved my life.

In college I claimed my sexual rights as an adult and became very sexually active and very experimental. I continued in my sexual growth as I moved from Berkeley to San Francisco. This was during the death-filled days of the AIDS pandemic. Having herpes was just so common that it just wasn't a big deal under the shadow of HIV's certain death sentence at the time.

My Herpes—yes, I saw the disease now as mine; the very bugs that would now live in my basal ganglion and share my body with me, as common as the bacteria in my stomach and mitochondria in each of my cells, were part of me now. My Herpes became the little annoyance that gave me the best reason/alibi/excuse ever to whip out a condom or dam or gloves with that new hottie I hooked up with. I'd smile and tell them I have herpes and talk about it as a common nuisance. I'd then tell them I was hot for them and don't want to harm them so I'd like to use a condom. I figured that if anyone had an issue with hot latex sex with me because of My Herpes, they didn't like me, the whole person. I wouldn't want to hang out with such a shallow sob.

It never caused a problem and no one ran away. With each occasion I felt stronger, smarter and sexier.

If I hadn't contracted herpes in college, I think I would have engaged in a lot of stupid, unsafe sex. I'd likely have contracted far more serious sexual transmitted conditions.

Let's be serious, I'd be…


Herpes is most contagious right before an outbreak and continues to be transmittable through the outbreak. You may or may not know when you're in a pre-outbreak stage. Some people feel a tingling sensation, others don't.

If you want to know more about the real facts on herpes, the CDC's website has some great info. One stat reads that 1 out of 5 sexually active adolescents and adults have herpes. That one may be you without even knowing it.

While not everyone with herpes experience recurrences, people with recurrent herpes usually have particular triggers or sets of triggers. These will vary from person to person. Obviously the college boyfriend was triggered by first exposure to bright sun light. Others are triggered by nuts, chocolate, stress, etc. You have to observe your own patterns.

My triggers turned out to be a combination of sleep deprivation, negative emotional stress, and a lowered immune system. So when I have an outbreak, I take that as my body's alert system to get some sleep, consider the blessings in my life, pop some vitamin C and take care of myself. My Herpes behaves as my personal stress watch-bug.Herpes is a pain and a hassle—but in the dating world I turned it into an advantage to stay healthy, ethical and joyously sexual.

Yes, My Herpes saved my life.

Source: Carnal Nation (

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Great read..... great article - thank you so much for sharing.

I just checked Midori out via the link and wow, what a woman! She certainly didn't let herpes stop her. She's an inspiration.

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  • Latest Buzz

    • Joy Lane
      I have been having serious back pain since a little bit after I was diagnosed. I read that it is a symptom of hsv 2. I just wanted to confirm that because not everything you read on the Internet is true but also because if it's not a symptom then I probably need to get it checked out by a chiropractor. Also what are other symptoms. 
    • hopeful Rylee
      I personally am going thru thus right now. Each day I fight and pray off suicidal thoughts. I'm just tired. Tired of having constant burning sensations although I take meds each day. Tired of worrying about transmitting to my kids or other loved ones. I no longer takes baths, inky showers and I still bleach the tub and toilet after each use. I feel like a leper. Im Tired of rejecting guys, due to my "secret". I've given up and accepted that I will never be married and will be alone, because I can never disclose this.  All I want is my peace of mind and health back. This virus truly isolates people. No one to talk to, due to embarrassment or rejection. Somedays I feel its not worth the fight anymore.  
    • LiveLife100
      @new person. No, I haven't taken anti-vitals. But let me also say that without constant lab testing, etc, no one knows why one person is infected while another isn't. Could be that we are safe. Or lucky. Or perhaps his immune properties are unique. Really it's so hard to say. Most importantly he accepts me as well as the risk as he absolutely believes I will eventually transmit it to him and he is okay with that. 
    • justified
      Boy, I can tell you have a lot of compassion for people.  It's okay.  Thankfully, you aren't the only person who will be reading about my situation and who knows, there may be someone else out there with the same kind of symptoms that can relate.  That's the only reason I got on here was to see if other people might be experiencing what I am.  It really sounds like you are the fake one if you have this condition and you have no compassion for someone else who does.  I won't be responding to anything else you have to say because you're a jerk.  It is evident and sad.         
    • justified
      I thought joining this forum was going to help me and then I get insulted.  It really hurts that you think this is fake.  Why would anyone who didn't have this horrible diagnosis want to come on a forum for herpes and make up a fake profile? I don't know what sciatica feels like. I only know what I've read it feels like and also the orthopedic doctor suggested that is what it was and also I have a brother who suffers with it and I have asked him his symptoms.  I know it's not sciatica but I was trying to figure out what it is.  So I was trying to describe kind of what it feels like.  I was so excited to see that someone was responding to what I said and then my heart gets broken when I read that you think I am faking. I hope there are other people who read this that can shed some light on what I have said and can relate and maybe help me..      
    • new person
      i want to know that when u have unprotected sex with your husband, do you take any antivirals?   
    • Free73
      @justified How do you know what Sciatica feels like if you have had an MRI of your back and you have no back problems? Creating fake profiles is rather petty don't you think?
    • Malcolm
      HSV is a piece of double-stranded DNA floating around in the nucleus of your nerve cells. There is no mechanism for this to work.
    • justified
      Oh my goodness, this is my first day on this site and I am reading about nerve pain and I am so glad that someone is talking about it.  I have been suffering with nerve pain from my buttocks down to the bottom of my foot for a few years now.  My whole left leg aches constantly and my left butt cheek hurts all the time, especially when I am lying down or sitting.  It is kind of like sciatica.    I was diagnosed with HSV-1 and HSV-2 a few years ago.  I have done a lot of research on this and have found tons of people who are suffering from the same condition.  It is mostly the left side.  Doctors just won't listen to people and believe that the herpes virus is causing this.  The feeling you get before an outbreak never goes away in my case, even though there is no outbreak happening.  I am on Valycyclovir once a day to try to help the pain and keep the outbreaks from occurring.  It helps me not to get an outbreak but only helps the pain a little.  Sometimes the pain is so bad, I just sit and cry.  I have been to orthopedic doctors and have had an MRI of my back and there is nothing wrong with my back so that is not what is causing it.  It's so hard because my family keeps asking me what could be wrong with my leg to make it hurt so much and I can't tell them I have HSV.  It's too embarrassing.  Only a few people in my immediate family know about it but no one can understand the pain I am in.  At the present time, I am trying a special diet to see if that might help and if it does, I will let everyone know.  I hope it helps.  I don't wish this on anyone.  Since I am new to this, who is Halford?  I would like to know more about his research.  Thanks everyone.
    • Malcolm
      Obviously it was written by someone who had little idea how the virus worked. The virus in it's most natural state is simply a molecule of double-stranded DNA.
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