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Diagnosed a few days ago....

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When the doctors told me I have genital herpes, I thought my life was over forever(because all they only told me " I have herpes, they can't stop it only control it"), I'm usually a strong person but I couldn't stop crying, my heart felt like it dropped into my stomach, my mind was racing, it took several people to calm me down... I even confronted the two possible men I could of got it from n they both CLAIM to be clean witch I think is complete B.S..... BUT with a little support and a lot of research I have realized Herpes hasn't affected me as much as I thought, I'm not proud that I have it but hey.. What doesn't kill you makes you STONGER:confused:

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Great outlook! I like your post. I feel the same. I have had it many years and it has never stopped me from doing anything or anyone I wanted.

Did you know there is a support group in Philly? The one here really helped me when I was first diagnosed:

Philadelphia Help

P.O. Box 13193, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3193

email: Philly437@hotmail.com

Web: www.geocities.com/philahelp

Ph: (610) 328-3813

Hotline hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30-10:30

Come to the Chat Room, there you will meet many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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