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Hi Folks,

This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a few days now. My situation is this: About 7-10 days ago I noticed a rash developing on my thighs and buttocks. I also experienced some itching around this time. Always quick to assume the worst, I went into an absolute panic. After a couple of days a small red bump appeared near the base of my penis, eventually scabbing over and now beginning to heal. Along with these symptoms, I made some very questionable decisions in my college years that have lead me to believe I have indeed contracted HSV-2.

My anxiety lead me to make an appointment at a local health clinic, where I had blood drawn; I am still awaiting the official results of an IGG type-specific test. Interestingly, the clinician who saw me believes the rash on my thighs to be completely harmless - contact dermatitis most likely - but the bump on my penis was clearly cause for concern. I have a theory - pure speculation - that perhaps my anxiety over the appearance of the rash could in fact have triggered this minor OB, if that is indeed what is occurring.

Although I've been in a relationship for about 1.5 years now, my girlfriend and I have practiced safe sex throughout. Also, because of the distance between us, we have at times practiced involuntary abstinence for periods of weeks, even months. Nevertheless, I am very anxious about the possibility of having transmitted the virus (again, assuming I am HSV+) to her. This is something I would have a very difficult time forgiving myself for. Has anybody here dealt with a situation such as this?

I'll wrap up by providing a brief introduction to myself (yes, I realize this probably should have been at the top): I'm a 25 year old male who enjoys exercising, reading, following international news and drinking quality beers. I'm also totally addicted to Sudoku and KenKen puzzles. Yes, I'm very boring :cool:

I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you. No matter the results of my impending blood test, this experience has taught me that there are many quality people from all walks of life who deal with this pesky little virus, and absolutely nobody is immune to it.

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You did the responsible thing by going to a medical professional, and I would believe them when they said the rash was nothing to be worried about. If your blood test comes back negative then you know you don't have herpes.

Now go out and live a normal life until you get your test results back. Even if you are positive you can still live a normal life, I know, I have.

Good luck!


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