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No artificial sugar...I am a new woman

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I just joined this site because I wanted to let others know that I have been suffering with coldsores on the mouth and genitals. I never have a cluster of blisters but usually just constant prodrome, a single small red bump quite often in different places, and sometimes those a pinhead blister on top. This has been going on for close to 6 years now and it's been a nightmare.

I have not had chocolate, nuts, or seeds hardly at all during this period yet still constant tingling and burning followed often by outbreaks that look mild but FEEL like someone stabbed me and poured jalapeno juice on it. No one really knows I suffer from this unless I tell them and even then because there are not obvious visual signs I feel like they think I'm paranoid.

3 weeks ago I read, I think maybe even on this forum, that artificial sugar is the devil and that it can cause symptoms quickly as well as soda (especially diet) and alcohol. I eat out a lot and drink iced tea with sweet n low as well as diet soda on a daily basis. I decided to stop this 3 weeks ago and almost INSTANTLY my symptoms were almost gone! I no longer have the constant prodrome and achy/fever/glandy feeling that I almost always had that made me feel "infectious" all the time.

I still have had 4 outbreaks in those 3 weeks which, to be honest, is not even a lot for me. Mine are mild looking and only last a day or two...sometimes more. The good news is though that I now can tell what's causing them for me personally since it's more obvious . I had 2 caused by stress and 1 caused by eating really hot buffalo wings that made my mouth burn. I also started burning on my lip today and couldn't figure out why until I realized I had eaten a lot of a new health food snack that when I looked on the ingredient list online I saw that it included Cashews as the 3rd ingredient and I had no idea because they were not whole! I can't believe I"m saying this but I'm actually glad I had this reaction because now I can tell what other things I need to stay away from and hopefully can get back to living a normal life. I am on the highest dose of Valtrex and take it every day..... yet I still have had no relief.

Another odd thing about my situation is that I've had 8 negative blood tests over the last 6 years so I just gave up. I don't need the doctors to believe me - I know I have it. It's like someone telling you I know it feels like a headache but it just isn't.

I'm single and just started dating someone so now I feel like I have a new chance to be "normal". I just have to now figure out what else besides artificial sweetener, spicy foods, and nuts I need to stay away from.I'm also not going anywhere near chocolate or seeds either just because I assume the same thing will happen and I don't eat them any more anyway because I know they are the big offenders. Unfortunately stress comes with my job but I think I can probably exercise more than I do now and that could help too. I'm also on loads of supplements including Lysine.

Thanks for reading and I hope maybe I help someone who is having the same problem.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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