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New To The Virus

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Hey Everyone,

I just have a few questions about the virus as I am newly diagnosed and in a current relationship. My story is a bit confusing, and irritating to be honest but I'll try to get to the point.

This past fall I dated a girl for a few months, and she eventually left me to get back with her ex. She contacted me four days ago to inform me that he finally admitted to cheating on her when they were together the first time. This wasn't really news to either of us as she had heard he cheated on her. She then went on to tell me that she also heard that the girl he was with was either a carrier of Hepatitis or Herpes and that she just thought I should know. (She had heard the rumor before we were ever together but just dismissed it...and also didn't know which one it was). :madd:

Anyway, I went in for a screening on Wednesday and HSV-2 antibodies were detected in my blood. I understand that this alone wouldn't identify her as my site of exposure, but I had a screening in the past which included HSV and all results were negative. I have only been with one other girl since that screening, so I'd say the chances are pretty good it was her.

Here's my worry. I have been with my current girlfriend for about 2 months and I want to know if she's at serious risk. As for sexual contact, we have only had manual sex but I realize there is a risk for Herpes Whitlow (how likely is this and can it go asymptomatic as well)? Also, neither of us have ever been without shorts on, so this again would decrease the chances of exposure, because of how localized the virus is, correct (typically under boxers region)?

I plan on telling her tomorrow night, and I hope to have reassuring information for her so she doesn't stress out while waiting for her own results (I am going to strongly advise her to get tested) and then hope that I am still worth her time. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading/listening/answering.

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Teacher Man

Alright, she's at risk from acquiring HSV 2 if you're carrying it regardless of the presence of symptoms. If you haven't had sex

(penetration or oral) than she's likely fine thus far. I was diagnosed in September...my sexual strategy is honesty, antivirals,

and condoms. If you're on antivirals and using protection, the odds are pretty low that she'd catch it. So you can express that

to her to help ut her at ease. The first days are the hardest...it's stressful, but be honest, and it'll be fine.

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