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Could my test be wrong?? :'(

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0kay long story narrowed down here we go.

So me and my fiance been together for 3 months- short I know but im in love and it will be a long engagement. Okay he has a heart condition and gets tested and he come back negative for anything. Okay so I noticed a bump one bump it was a little tender thats about it and it was near my vagingal opening but where my undies rub. It didn't hurt when I peed or burn, the thing didn't itch tingle burn etc. Well I hate stuff on my body and I kept messing with it and put bandaids and neosporin, and antibacterial ointments on it. Well I made an appointment bc I was scared. I researched over and over what it could be, even herpes. I noticed the bump a couple weeks ago and it was there for like two weeks. It didn't crust over it didn't hurt and didn't itch nothing. When I went to my obgyn prior for my for first time everything was good, he asked if the bump hurt and I said just a little, this was a week before I went back from bump. Well when I went back because of the bump he swabbed it and then left come back and said it is herpes. He just kept saying it. I was shocked and freaked out. I asked him how long ago would I have had to gotten it and he said 2-20 days ago bc it was my first breakout (only one bump) I don't get cold sores etc. My first bf i did ocassionally without and he was clean by far and then my ex before this one was clean i suppose, but they say males show no symptoms sometimes. They also say it easier for a male to transfer then female. But the First thing I thought was the fucker cheated (lol) so I go to my man and we talked he said u know I didn't cheat etc and he didn't believe it herpes bc of many reasons, and I believe it. Well I still researched and come to a conclusion it couldn't be. Well I get a call from doc and he says the test come back positive, I never seen test nothing. The sore wasnt blister like or nothing it was more like an ingrown hair. I looked up all symptoms and checked it all out nothing like what I have.. well I donated blood a month ago and never got a call saying my blood was bad or nothing. Well could the test be wrong? I have known to take a test and it be a false positive. My man don't have nothing on his stuff nor does he break out. I didn't break out bad at all just a bump. I had the talk with my ma bc I was shocked and crying my eyes out, she believes it false. My doctor was really rude about stuff when I was in there and acted like he had to be right, my bf wants to go in and talk with him bc he pissed. Should I still go get a blood test? I mean my examine test prior to results, was normal, just culture supposibly come back positive. My sister also said this doc isn't so great so idk. Can someone help. KEEP IN MIND I DIDN'T HAVE ANy BLISTERS JUST A BUMP, IT DIDN'T ITCH OR BURN OR CRUST OVER ETC. I PEED NORMAL, AND HAD NO BREAKOUTS. Im really curious about it. Please help... my exs 1 and 2 were only ones prior to this bf that I done without and I never broke out. And females show symptoms more then males. And how if it really is herpes, I wonder if my bf got it from doing his ex in butt, or from oral. Im the first girl he done vaginally without, as he says and swears. So please help

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I'm going to try to help. I'm not real sure about some of your story, so you may have to clarify things for me.

It sounds like your doctor took a swab from the bump on your genitals, right? If so, then the test was a culture of the materials from that swab. It is possible for those to be false positives, but that is very, very rare with that type of test. So I'm not going to blow any sunshine up your skirt --- usually, if you get a positive result from a swab and culture test, it is accurate and means you have HSV.

I'm assuming that when you say you "done without" you mean you had sex without a condom? Same with your boyfriend?

If so, you need to know that it is very possible to get genital herpes while using condoms. Condoms only cover part of the shaft of a man's penis. There is always some skin at the bottom of the shaft that is not covered. Plus, you need to understand that the entire "boxer shorts" area can shed the herpes virus. That means all the skin that would be covered by a pair of boxer shorts --- including the upper thighs, buttocks, anus, lower belly, penis, testicles, vulva and vagina, are places that can transmit viral particles. So if a person has genital herpes, having skin-to-skin contact with those areas on that person can potentially be a way to get herpes. There is no such thing as "safe sex" when it comes to herpes, not if what safe sex means to you is using condoms.

So what that means is that any of your past partners, including anyone with whom you DID use a condom, could have been the person who gave you herpes.

Unfortunately, what your doctor said about "2-20 days ago" is not entirely accurate. While the "classic" time frame is 2-20 days, the fact is that herpes can lie dormant without symptoms for years. It is possible you got herpes years ago, and are just now having your first recognizable symptoms.

Yes, it is definitely possible to get herpes from anal or oral sex. But it is also possible to get it during penetrative vaginal sex while using a condom.

Another thing you need to know is that, unless those guys who said they were clear specifically asked for a herpes simplex test, there is a very good chance they have never actually been tested.

Most "full STI panels" do not include herpes simplex. But the problem is, the doctor usually doesn't tell a patient that when they go in and ask for STI testing. So there are many, many people out there who mistakenly believe they have been tested for herpes ---- when the fact is, they never have been.

Not ever having any known symptoms means nothing. Herpes is a sneaky little bastard of a virus that hides out and mimics other conditions. It is estimated that about 70% of all the people who have herpes simplex DO NOT KNOW IT because they have never had a symptom that they recognized as herpes, and have never been tested.

I wish I could give you more encouraging news, but the chances are that if you had a positive swab and culture, it is accurate and you have HSV. You might want to get a type specific IgG-based herpes antibody (blood) test in about 4 months. Or, if you get another sore, have it swabbed and tested again. Or both. But I think, really, your first test was probably reliable.

Your boyfriend should also get a blood test now as a baseline of his status.

Oh, by the way, when you give blood they do not test it for herpes, and it is okay to be a donor in most systems. Some blood banks do ask about herpes on their forms, and they prefer that you not give blood during an active outbreak, but they are really just covering their asses. Herpes simplex is not carried in the blood and is not transmitted to others that way. It is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.

The good news is, if you are having such mild symptoms now, you probably will have a mild course with HSV.

Take some time to read the links on the right side of this page. There is a lot of good information there that will help you understand HSV better, as well as tell you ways to cope with it, etc. :wavey:

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