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Help me Diagnose... (With Pictures)

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i am right now in a place where it's difficult for me to find a doctor (Peru).

Also please note - i am an undiagnosed total newbie.

2 months ago i kissed someone that had Herpes / Cold sore on his lip.

i foolishly thought that the protective tape on it would be enough.

2 days ago i got a this little pimple inside my lip.

i didnt know what to think since sometimes i get Acne in weird places.

Also, i practiced lately vigorous facial exercises using the lips a lot with a great deal of effort.

then i realized - i got my period at the same time !!

blink blink red alert.

please look at the pictures -

Does it look like Herpes to you?

i know you are not a doctor.. and i WILL go see one once i get back home.

Just give me your honest opinion.

This is Day 3:






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turning point

Agree with brahman, but go to the doc to be sure. Welcome to the club. :)

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Thanx for the input guys !

if it is Herpes at least i'm lucky enough that it's kind of inside the Lip and when i put lipstick on it;s un-noticeable..

or am i just delusional and it's gonna get worse by tomorrow?? brrrr

Yea, i know i should see a Doc, it;s difficult here in Peru,

considering the fact the words i know in Spanish are: Gracias and Asta Luego ...

So... will it get worse you think? with more contaminated areas and a golden crust?

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that's exactly what mine looked like the first time i got it. two little dots almost on the inside of my lip, hardly noticeable. now when i get cold sores they are always inside my lip, you can't even see them! we should consider ourselves lucky that they are not noticeable!

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Totalregret - thank you for the input !!

i have some questions for you:

1. If this is what it looked like when you got it the FIRST time -

How does it look like NOW? bigger? more yucky? The same?

2. How long does it normally take you to heal?

3. How many outbreaks a year do you have?

i woke up today and there was not much change,

only that the yellow thing above looked softer, like a zit.

so i gently "popped" it and the yellow went away.

here are day 4 pictures:

This was before i popped the yellow goo:


This is after removing the yellow goo:


Please - if anyone else has a comment - would love to read your opinion !

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it will clear up within few weeks it also depend on how strong your immunity is to over come the virus and your ob's depend on your immunity and how well your body can manage this virus. your lips are pretty plumped so they should be able to concealed carry those blisters.

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Pictures day 5

ok, it;s day 5 and i dont know what to think..

it's almost gone.

Last night i put some Acne cream on it (Retin-A, recommended to anyone with Acne, i got rid of it completely and have a beautiful pink smooth skin !!)

this morning i woke up and the "Herpes" or whatever it is seem to be faded.

so - if i do have Herpes then i may have found a great reliever for it.

Could it be that an Acne cream helps Herpes??

i;m so confused now !!!

I also have to mention - i am very happy and relaxed.

perhaps that was another factor in the speedy healing?

What do you guys think???????

Pictures day 5



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i'm sorry, but it does look like herpes to me. it healed up fast though, that's nice! You should get some immune boosting supplements(vitamin C, Lysine, proboitics) or just keep a healthy diet and a natural lip balm with SPF because sun triggers outbreaks & some anti viral essential oils like lavender, peppermint, lemon balm:wavey:

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ok, before i start -

I KNOW i should see a doctor and only then i can determine really what it is.

i will see a doctor when i get back to Europe.

FreeYourMind - that you so much for the good advices !!!

i'm reading a lot now about this condition and educating myself.

maybe over educating myself?

i read about a condition called "Canker Sores" that sometimes looks like Herpes.

Who knows...

the "Herpes" on my lips is healed now, 6th day.

no need for a photo cos there is nothing to see.

so this is why i'm confused -

from what i read Herpes takes at least 10 days time to heal, also,

there is like a "golden Crust" and itchiness - which i didn't have.

Anybody else experienced something similar to this?

"TotalRegret" here wrote she did and i hope she will write again...

Please.. more options... you guys are the closest thing i got to a doctor.

your personal experience and opinion matter to me !

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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