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Dealing, I guess.

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Hi everyone,

I'm towards the middle/end of my first gHSV1 outbreak. Bf of 2 yrs has always had cold sores. He had just healed a cold sore on his lip, we were drinking heavily together, and now it seems this is where it came from.

Had no idea that you could get genital herpes from a cold sore!!

I feel as if sex education has failed me. I'm graduating this semeser with a BS in Microbiology and Immunology and attending grad school in the fall. I should have known right? Thought never even occurred to me. Also did not know about viral shedding, happens even after the physical lesion has cleared.

So now I'm at the culmination point of college, trying to pull together the last classes, the last research bits, applying to grad school (stress!).

This outbreak laid me out.

Suspected date of infection: 2/4/2011

First signs: 2/10/11

First Doc visit: 2/12/11

Still battling!

I initially thought they were ingrown hairs or bug bites, as the only change i had made was I began going to a new gym. Well, I tweezed the hair out, and popped them thinking it was a white head. WORST IDEA EVER. They spread all up and down my labia :( thats when I went to the doc. The night after going to the doc, I developed 4 around my anus :((( Even on Acyclovir low dose 5x's a day, I got a new ob on my butt cheek (which healed fast). I had fever, extreme muscle aches in my legs and feet, slept 12+ hours a day on top of the painful sores.

I changed my diet, cut out arginine rich products, started taking a L-Lysine pill with my 5x acyclovir , a multivitamin with immune boosters, epsom salt baths 3-4 times a day. Tried oregano oil (essential oil), it burned, I cried, nothing happened. I placed anti-stick gauze on the sores to prevent spreading and to absorb the fluid. Found Lysine+ ointment that I applied frequently as i changed gauze.

Now I'm in the later stage, it's been 11 days since this all started. I never really formed scabs, but the open sores on my labia healed. Now I'm left with hard bumps where they were the worst. New OB on my butt crack :(

BM's have been so difficult, I stopped eating for two days that I wouldn't have one. Things it that department are looking up :) Urination has also started proving difficult, maybe from prolonged usage of acyclovir or the Lysine+ ointment.

The tingling is incessant and I can't sleep. Took two tylenol and they're not working. Epsom salt baths are drying me out making me itchier.

What to try now?


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Well the good news is the first outbreak is typically the worst. It will only get better from here. Also hsv1 does not like to be genital so hopefully you won't have any more outbreaks or if you do they are minor.

There is a product at CVS and Rite Aid called "Fast Results" that claims to shorten outbreaks. You may want to try that.

Come to the Chat Room, there you will meet many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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