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Lysine and trytophan supplements could helpp!!!! Herpes sufferers pls read!

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heyy ppl...jus made a new discovery that im quite excited about (and yet to testt..) to help prevent flare ups/OBs

i started off here.. http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/diet_and_nutrition_with_herpes.htm

there you can read about the 'lysine and arganine factor' - i then thought, instead of struggling to consume lysine rich foods why not find a strong supplement to do the job perhaps better?? instead of a hit n miss job!

so i went to Holland&Barretts website (im unsure about these shops and products in the US or other countries apart from the UK, but im sure you could find lysine in a health store) ..on this website i found lysine tablets which would counteract the arganine in my body. Theres also something on there called 'lysine ointment for coldsores'. So i thought lysine must realy be the formula to prevent cold sores!!! im sooo excited!!

i then found all over the internet lysine is widley used to prevent hsv ob/recurrances.

Also, as my flare ups are most definitely caused by my abnormally stressful life i thought let me try and find some tablets to 'destress' me too? best ones medically i guess would be '5HTP' found on the same website, which is 'tryptophan' a precursor to serotonin the 'happy hormone' - would reduce the emission of cortisol in my body, which is something released in your body when your stressd..

sorry if my impulsive explanation was confusing lol hope everybody understood where i was coming from! go on the link it explains lysine more accurately...sorry if this has already been discussed on this forum lol

hope it helps xx

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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