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something interesting while reading old threads re: leg pain & JB (Prior post)

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Hi again,

I've mentioned I've had leg surgery and have had just non-stop throbbing pain right above my right knee, like somone is holding a clamp, well one night it when from my knee to my toes like someone was ripping the muscle off with a knife, after 2 days of this, I went to the ER , they prescribed me Neurontin. A few months pass and I know have to go to a pain management center and they've had me on it for awhile, but recently increased my dose, but reading the post about weird leg pain with out breaks, cause my upper leg has really been aching the last few days. In the paragraph explaining what it is, it says it's sometimes prescribed to treat nerve pain due to herpes. So of course my first thought was, does my doctor know and hasn't told me yet... then I thought, if this is an OB, it's NOT helping with the nerve pain at all, or how worse would it be! Then I read more on some of the side effects, although rare, does say can cause acne and a rash. So of course I'm just hoping that it could be coincendence, lol, but did find it interesting.

I added the link if anyone wanted to looked at it.

Have a good night.


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