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New here, sort of new to herpes

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HI my name is Katt and I am herpes 2 positive, lol

I was exposed to the virus when I was 16, about 22 years ago, my older BF cheated on me. I was stupid and didnt use protection, so I knew I had been exposed, back then they didnt have reliable blood tests so I spent 20 yrs going to the doc for every twinge to check for herpes. 2.5 yrs ago I left my spouse and got the full spectrum of tests since I was going to be dating again after 12 years. Well I tested positive for the herpes 2 virus and was upset, after all those years I kind of forgot about it. Well 2.5 yrs later I have my very first breakout and that was Jan 7th and the symptoms havent stopped since. To be honest, all I have used is zovirax ointment, my breakout wasnt bad, it was one sore and atypical apparently. It was cultured, my problem is I have been sick in 2 week cycles, my stomach is a mess, with reflux and everything in between, no appetite and I feel like crap. The pills scare the crap out of me, I am one of those that get side effects, especially digestive ones and I already cant eat much. It seems when the itching flares up, my stomach flares up and takes about a week to start getting better, then it starts all over again. I havent had another breakout, I dont think...I had something show up somewhere else and the nurse pratitioner said it wasnt a lesion...ummm....I dont know....but I just keep flaring up with the itch and burning where the original lesion was and all the itch is all on that side of the girl parts and down my leg.

SO ok too much info for an intro?:p ahh well...had to get it out, it is my intro to herpes and a support site.

BTW I am 38, engaged with 2 kids a dog and 3 cats, and trying like hell to keep my spirits up and not drown in the sadness of this crap. I must believe it will pass.



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Sometimes defeating the mental and emotional side of this virus can make you feel a hundred times better. It is both the easy and the hard part. Easy because you don't need a magical drug, and sometimes you can just change your mind about it within minutes, and many people do. Hard, because sometimes that is hard work for some people, and not so easy.

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so true...the mental/emotional battle is the most difficult part...one minute i am fine with myself and fully come to terms with this disease...the next min i am filled with hateful regret, seeing no hope for normalcy in my future...fighting your own negative thoughts is the majority of this battle...but we can take solace in simply knowing that we are not alone...

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Miss Horne
      There’s new treatment available for cmv and shingles but nothing yet for hsv. It’s like a slap in the face! 
    • Miss Horne
      Any ladies out there suffered with this? There seems to be little information about it on the net. Thanks in advance. 
    • Roja
      Rejection will be there during your whole life. But not because of herpes, also because of how you are, at work, at your private life. It's just a part of life! Just have in mind that if people reject you because of stupid little things like herpes, they are not even worth continuing as a part of your life.  I think the best way of fighting the stigma is to be 100% convinced that there is NO NEED to feel ashamed, bad, disgusting because of herpes. I one day understood some very important thing: I did NOTHING differently than my friends who don't have herpes. I had sex (they did), sometimes with protection (they did), sometimes without (they did). I had ONS (they did), I had long term relationships (they did), I received wonderful and less wonderful oral sex, haha (they did). The only difference is that I got genital herpes from someone who didn't even know. So why exactly should I feel disgusting or bad?  And also: Know the facts. That is the safest way to destroy stigma in my opinion. If someone tells you: "Yuck! Herpes is disgusting!" you can answer: "I don't think that 80 % of the world population are disgusting because they have a virus in their bodies."  I also recommend this video from "Laureen". She has really great videos about herpes!       
    • Miss Horne
      Thanks for the comments. Looks like the only think that might have a shot at helping us in the future is the drug Pritlevir then. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @PeaceNeeded no there is zero relationship between penile spines and HSV-2, no such variant is possible.

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