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Is my doctor really that close minded?

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So - I go into the doctors yesterday complaining of a sinus infection, and to also mention to her that I don't feel Valacyclovir is working and for her to prescribe me Valtrex instead. So here is my conversation with her:

DOC: So the results from your PAP from your GYN came back clear - no abnormal cells regarding HPV since your last LEEP, and the Herpes swab came back clear as well (I had them do a herpes swab on my cervix to check if I was having OB's on my cervix...??)

Me: YAYE! Great news

DOC: So have you stopped beating yourself up over how you got Herpes?

Me: How can I? I am feeling symptoms every other day. It's like I have symptoms every other week I'm just not sure if they are OB's or not. Because I don't see sores, and I hear that they can be so microscopic you won't see them. And the leg pains, and tingles and itch I get never stops.

DOC: Nope. Thats not Herpes. Herpes is open sores and you would see them. And itching must be something else.

Me: Why have I heard differently then? Well what type do I have if you think I'm not getting OB's?

Doc: You have type 2.

Me: I really think I'm getting symp.... (interrupted)

DOC: Listen - if you get an OB you will know it. You will get sores, you will see them, and they will hurt. OK? OK. Your medication is working at suppressing it otherwise you'd be in here seeing me for swabs all the time.

I couldn't even bring myself to ask her another question. I just marched out of her office filled my prescription and went home and WEPT.

WHY IS MY DOCTOR SO IGNORANT ABOUT HERPES!!!?!? I can't even depend on her to ask solid questions. I have to come online! (Which is FINE..but you'd THINK you could depend on your doctor too, right?)

But my GYN seems to think differently about sores (sometimes they are there, and sometimes not) but in order to see her, the lineup to wait stretches around the block.


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I think your doctor is FOS... :)

"DOC: Nope. Thats not Herpes. Herpes is open sores and you would see them. And itching must be something else"

Itching is a CLASSIC H symptom....AND we know it's not true that you would see "them" I would like to visit your doctor and see what he or she would have to say to me considering I have never had one sore....hey maybe they would tell me I don't have herpes and my blood results were wrong! lol!

It is frustrating that doctors no so little about the virus and really dont seem to care to know more!

Anyway, hang in there sweets!

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UGH! It really annoying that we put so much faith (and money) into these doctors thinking they should know more than us and then you find out that just as Misty said, they are FOS! Then to top it off, not only are they ignorant and spreading wrong information, but they are rude about it, too. Doctors need to go back to school for a few more years to learn lessons on how to 1-handle their ego (NO you may not know everything, but that's ok as long as you admit it) and 2- how to treat someone with compassion and understanding even if it extends beyond your scheduled 15 minute block of time.

Keep your head up Kitty!

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Yea i've experienced this too.

When i had my first OB i went to the Drs expecting to be tested, and they tried to use one of those things that open you up, i think its a speculum. Can you imagine having a terrible primary OB and someone decided to do that you, god it was so painful! She said she was taking swabs, why she had to do that from my cervix and not an open sore i don't know.

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