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I don't know what to do to help ease the pain

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Im 22 and recently got diagnosed a week ago... I found out on Valentines Day. I did what everyone told me to do wait until you love someone very much before you have sex with someone. I was friends with my boyfriend for 9 months, just as friends, before we started dating. We started Dating in December... I waited to have sex with him until January until i went on a birth control pill. He didnt know he had herpes and i guess he was one of those lucky ones without any signs or symptoms...about 3 weeks later I got severe pain in my groin, especially when I urinated..It felt like i was peeing razor blades. It made me have to pee every hour. I wanted to die. When this first happened i thought it was a UTI, my first gynecologist didn't want to examine me and just had me do a urine test. After waiting 3 days in severe pain..They just said i had a humdinger of an infection. I took the antibiotics they gave me and the pain lessened. But I still felt pain now inside my vagina at the opening. I went to a different Gynecologist who agreed to exam me. Thats when the bumps appeared. She then told me I had HVS-2. I took valtrex for a week and it made the pain go away a little bit...But now a week later the pain in my vagina has come back, but mostly when i urinate...Is that normal?..all the outside sores have disappeared i only had 3. Does this painful urination last forever? If anyone is taking any kind of medication to help relieve this please pass it on...My boyfriend feels really guilty especially because he sees that Im in so much pain..He wants me to scream and shout at him, but i told him, "what will that solve? It won't take away the disease. All we have is each other and we just got to get through this and put it behind us." It would be so much easier to do this if i had some relief...So any suggestions would be nice.

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Hello and welcome.

I am sorry to about all your discomfort. I know the early weeks of diagnosis are hard.

As for the pain, I suggest warm baths with epsom salts. They helped to ease my pain and with healing. I also found that pouring warm water on your vaginal area while peeing helps to reduce the sting and pain. Drinking lots of water dilutes your pee and helps it to sting less. Have your tried an OTC pain reliever like Advil or something?

Are you taking any supplements to boost your immune system? You can read about them here on the web site. Good luck to you.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Copperpenny
      I think once my bottle of optimal fulic acid is gone. I am going to switch to shilijit or however you spell it. I think humic acid plays an important role in keeping the hsv at bay. I read one natureopath was using only humic acid tablets to help her patients, but it didnt mention a dose or brand. Except that they slowly amounted to 8 tablets over i think it said almost a year to prevent a bad herx reaction. Can anyone trying the shillijiat chime in on how they have been doing on it? How often they take it and what your reactions have been the first few months?
    • WilsoInAus
    • LovedAnyway
      That’s it. I’m telling you the truth. I really can’t believe you. I have no reason to pretend to be someone else. I came here to learn and feel like people understood what I’m going through. You have me so upset. I don’t know what an IP address is but I know that admin can tell you I’m telling the truth.  Please, please just leave me alone so I don’t have to leave.
    • Godcanhealme
      @WilsoInAus well that picture I just posted look very similar to fordyce spots, but who knows...I get tested soon so perhaps that’ll be the verdict 
    • Mrspinkk
      treatment approved !

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