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My experience with remedies to ease the pain

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Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share some tried and tested remedies I used the first week I found out about the genital herpes virus - some are pretty ridiculous so I will warn you now lol

  1. Cold used teabags dabbed on the sores
    - They make a real mess and didnt really provide me with much relief
  2. Salt baths
    - Were amazing! If I felt really sore and tender I would take a dip in warm (not hot!) water with a teaspoonful of salt and it kept the pain at bay for a couple of hours
  3. Aneasthetic Gel
    - This was given to me after my visit to the clinic and was told it would sting badly when first contact but would help after a couple of minutes
    - I did not feel the sting but it did help the pain a lot!
  4. Antibiotics
    - These were given to me after one week of suffering (did not go to doctor until then as was scared and embarrassed)
    - After one day of taking them I felt a dramatic reduction in the swelling around my area down below and now after taking them for 5 days I can cross my legs again!!!
  5. Vaseline
    - Worst remedy mistake I made!
    - I am sure it works for some but for me it did not, it hurt to apply it and as I couldnt wash properly due to how tender I was, the salt baths and showers did not remove it properly for days!
  6. Hairdryer on cold
    - After a shower or bath this really helped the pain as you cant dry the area properly with a towel so this was convenient as well as providing relief
    - DO NOT DO IT FOR TOO LONG THOUGH! As it could dry you out too much and bring back the ache

So far this is all I can remember doing but I will defo post up some more when they come to mind! Hope this helps fellow new sufferers!


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Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback Peetry. This will help alot of newbies on here.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

You are not alone. This site will DEFINITELY help you cope. I CAN HONESTLY PROMISE YOU THIS.

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