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VERY new to all of this..

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I was recently diagnosed with Genital Herpes at the beginning of this week.. My doctor didn't even take a swab or do a blood test, but did a visual diagnosis.. I'm thinking of going back and requesting a test, but I pretty much had diagnosed myself just by the symptoms i was experiencing.. For the last two weeks, i have been the most depressed i have ever been in my life... At times I will be completely content with the fact that i have herpes and then the next minute i will burst into tears... In some way i feel as though this is punishment for me.. I was married for 4 years and ended up leaving the relationship because of various issues in the relationship... Ive been with a few people since then, and my most recent relationship was for 6 months, also who i suspect i got this from, ended up leaving me for his ex wife and don't even know that i have herpes.. excellent timing!! So basically, he gave me herpes and kicked me like a bad habit. This has been very difficult for me to deal with. I have never been the type to sleep around.. I know many people who sleep with anyone they meet, and do they have herpes??? NO! This angers me, I do not understand it. After telling my 20 year old sister about my situation, she informs me that she has Genital Warts... again, she doesnt sleep around either.. So everyday, I think of all the possible things that I couldve done to deserve this. But on a better note, have herpes has made me 100% less judgemental... All those herpes and std jokes, are NOT funny...

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Hi. Welcome to this site! It's great. I was diagnosed with GHSV2 three months ago and this site has helped a lot.

A visual diagnosis is the least reliable diagnosis, doctors can make mistakes. There are other conditions that look like herpes. Check out the "Conditions that look like herpes" under the symptoms tab on the right side of this page. I would recommend getting a blood test. It sounds like it would be too late to get a swab at this time.

If you do have herpes, it is not the end of the world. I know it is really hard, especially in the beginning and it is an emotional roller coaster, but it will get better in time. It has already gotten a lot better for me. Also, you are not being punished and ANYONE can get this. Herpes is not particular. I've read numerous stories on here of people who have gotten this the 1st time they had sex or virgins that caught it via oral sex. Also, you do not know if other people who sleep around have herpes or not. Most people are asymptomatic, so even if they have it they probably don't know... and if they do know its not like they are going around and telling everyone!

I understand the roller coaster emotions - being ok and then crying later on. I was like that the first week I got diagnosed. This site helped me a lot. Read the links on the right, they are very informative, I felt a lot better after I got more educated about this virus. Feel free to ask any questions you have. Members on this site are really supportive. We're all here for you. I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care hun. Hugs! :)

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PREACH IT! haha...

I think we're on the same page here in lots of ways, i do...i see/hear people sneer, grimace, scoff and even laugh at those who are in our condition, acting as if they are somehow better than us, even though they are likely just as promiscuous if not MUCH more in their lifestyle than the people they're judging....

thoughts start flowing through my mind like, "why AM I a whore because i was unlucky enough to catch this disease from doing the same things you do, while probably doing LESS of those things??" I caught this disease at 18, and he was the SECOND guy i'd ever slept with, so i fully understand how unfair the stigma of others is...but the problem is that they're ignorant. Those that are cruel and judgmental about this feel insusceptible to these kinds of consequences so they separate us into a different class...well SOME of them do....

After i found out i had GH i talked to my family and found out that my brother AND his wife have it, and my sister has HPV, ALL due to wrong place, wrong time, wrong PERSON circumstances.

But also i have met people who are unaffected by GH, and dont look at me any differently...so i guess we are blessed in a way because we will always know who's worth taking a chance on, because they're willing to take a chance on us...

keep ur head high, and just know that you're not alone....there's more comfort in that then there seems to be :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Miss Horne
      There’s new treatment available for cmv and shingles but nothing yet for hsv. It’s like a slap in the face! 
    • Miss Horne
      Any ladies out there suffered with this? There seems to be little information about it on the net. Thanks in advance. 
    • Roja
      Rejection will be there during your whole life. But not because of herpes, also because of how you are, at work, at your private life. It's just a part of life! Just have in mind that if people reject you because of stupid little things like herpes, they are not even worth continuing as a part of your life.  I think the best way of fighting the stigma is to be 100% convinced that there is NO NEED to feel ashamed, bad, disgusting because of herpes. I one day understood some very important thing: I did NOTHING differently than my friends who don't have herpes. I had sex (they did), sometimes with protection (they did), sometimes without (they did). I had ONS (they did), I had long term relationships (they did), I received wonderful and less wonderful oral sex, haha (they did). The only difference is that I got genital herpes from someone who didn't even know. So why exactly should I feel disgusting or bad?  And also: Know the facts. That is the safest way to destroy stigma in my opinion. If someone tells you: "Yuck! Herpes is disgusting!" you can answer: "I don't think that 80 % of the world population are disgusting because they have a virus in their bodies."  I also recommend this video from "Laureen". She has really great videos about herpes!       
    • Miss Horne
      Thanks for the comments. Looks like the only think that might have a shot at helping us in the future is the drug Pritlevir then. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @PeaceNeeded no there is zero relationship between penile spines and HSV-2, no such variant is possible.

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