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Tired/flu symptoms?

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I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 a few days ago. My OB felt pretty terrible. I know that along with the first OB you can have flu-like symptoms, which I feel that I did have for sure. Now that my OB is nearly over (I can still see marks, but I am feeling 99% better), I have an actual cold/flu virus. I'm sure it's something that's been going around at my work, sore throat, stuffy nose, swollen glands, sneezing, etc. I've just been feeling SO tired over the past few days no matter how much sleep I get. I had mono when I was 19 (I just turned 30 two days ago), so I know it isn't mono. Is this a typical symptom when you get your first OB? Or is this strictly from my cold? I'm feeling much better and am mostly just sneezing/congested. But I'd like to know if this insane tiredness is from herpes, my cold, stress, or a combination of everything? Did anyone else feel run down and out of energy and severely tired when they had their first OB? Thanks!

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Your primary defense against this virus is your immune system. Since you are just now getting over your initial outbreak, your immune system has been working over time to fight that leaving the door open for other virus' to attack your body.

You should find as time goes by and your body builds up antibodies to this virus that your outbreaks will be less severe and shorter in duration and that you won't catch other virus' so easily.

Come to the Chat Room, there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their advice.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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