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How easy is herpes spread?

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We hear how easily herpes is spread and how contagious it is, so many people have it and yet don't KNOW they have it because they are asymptomatic.

Then, on the flip side, we hear that if you are on antivirals, the chances of giving herpes when you do NOT have an OB are very slim....but then why do so many people have herpes? It would mean that spreading when you do not have an OB occurs more than we think.....Just have been pondering that lately....thoughts?

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Here is a link to a good article about transmission rates you may be interested in:


Most people get this from someone who does not know and have never had any symptoms, not from someone who knows they have it.

Come to the Chat Room, there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their advice.

Good luck!


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I keep hearing that its not easily spread but I got it in one shot. WITH a condom. And I know it wasn't laying dormant in me. But the guy I slept with had a squeaky clean penis, but then afterwards told me a B.S story about 3 years prior having something that resembled an HPV wart (but it wasn't!).

So either the guy I was with had sex with me DURING an outbreak (but I didn't see or feel anything weird)....OR he was just finishing one and didn't feel he needed to tell me, well ...because...he's a dishonest peice of sH#$t.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • fixme1
      Like alot of jobs people keep going even if they are against what they have to do.its money for them and if they don't have an ob or positive blood results they will carry on 
    • ThatSGguy
      Hi guy,  Just diagnosed and trying to move on with my life. Understanding to prevent further outbreak, we would be best to stay actively healthy both mentally and physically.  Due to my nature of work, I am always under pressure. Should I plan on quitting and look for another job that is well suitable for my current condition or is manageable?  :,) 
    • Waiting4newlife
      I jus wrote to them, let's wait for the reply 
    • Goran123
      I have no choice, I have tried everything on this planet regarding holistic approach. Nothing work so far. Now I am on Neem, does not work. I just keep trying new things as I go along. I believe some like me actually have a very strong immune system (have not been sick since I can remember, maybe 9-10 years) but my immune system does not recognise my HSV, so it just does what it wants, thats why the continuous OB's.  Don't think about ending life, life is to priceless. This is not cancer. Try to date a guy who have it as well, then there would be something you could fight together.
    • Quest
      One of the best gurus There are a few who have been diagnosed in here. You can get any of his books used. I think the Fibromyalgia Solution is best. Only 45 % of people have nerve pain.  If not for you maybe it will serve someone else! Don't overwhelm self and get in a group if it doesn't weigh you down  

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