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Waiting on answers.

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This is still very new and hard for me to admit, but maybe the more i talk about it the easier it will become.

I visited my doctor yesterday because i thought i had tearing from intercourse and was scared i could have gotten something else. The doctor soon informed me that I had in fact been infected with herpes. At this point im still waiting on the test result for what strain i have but either way I know this will be life changing.

Trying to get past the feeling of being completely dirty, and cutting down the stigma i once bought into about this virus is a lot harder then i ever thought it would be. its only been a day an i feel emotionally drained. But whats harder then admitting it to myself that i messed up, is telling the guy i'm sleeping with about it. I have no idea how he will react or even what to say.

crossing my fingers that everything will work out!

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Visual diagnosis is the most inaccurate test available. Did he also do a swab test? Or a blood test? If you just acquired the virus your blood test may come back negative. Those tests look for antibodies in your blood to the virus and it can take your immune system 3 - 4 months to create them.

Even if you have herpes it does not have to be life changing. Although many people have told me that getting herpes has changed their lives for the better. They eat healthier and are more selective in whom they date. You can live a normal life, I know I have.

And if you do have it, it more than likely came from this guy. So you would be doing him a favor by telling him.

Come to the Chat Room, there you will meet many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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