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AF Vet

4 Years Later, what I've learned....

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AF Vet

I recieved the lovely gift that keeps on giving 4 years ago from my (now) ex bf. He was nice enough to give it to me with out letting me know he had it. He even let me think that my cheating ex husband gave it to me... he finally grew the testicular fortitude to tell me I'd gotten it from him a year after I had my first horrific outbreak. I had been in the middle of driving across country from Wa to Ct, moving with my children, and had to call him crying to tell him to get checked... only to find out a year later that he gave it to me.

Yep... nice guy....

so... here I am, one month shy of 4 years and what have I found out about myself? I've found out that I'm alot stronger then I thought I was. I'm a single parent of three beautiful children... and I thought that was strong... but this... I got through it. I didn't put my ex up on blast on fb, or myspace or anything. I broke up with him soon after his disclosure... mostly because of other things that effected our long distance relationship. I decided I was better then that.... I also decided that I could never take from anybody the choice that was taken from me... I couldn't live with the guilt I felt. I've been with two people since then, and I've told both. The first guy decided in the end that this wasn't something he wanted to tangle with. The second guy has been my bf for two n a half years, almost three... he's in the Army and deployed, he's the love of my life, and as far as we know he's H free. We've talked about getting married, having a child. Nothing permanent will happen until he returns... but life is great for me. I'm searching for a new job that will bring me closer, geographically, to where my bf lives again so we can have more time together, and because I'm loosing my job in the fall.

so, what have I learned? I've become alot more descriminate about those I take to my bed. Most of the guys who did turn me down because I have H were looking for a quick lay and were going to let me go anyway... I want something more lasting then that... I've also discovered a courage I didn't know I had. My bf gained so much respect for me for having the courage to tell him. I've also learned that I don't need to let this thing define me. I am still the same person I was before I found out I had HSV2. Hell in the course of researching, I realized I had HSV1 as well... I've been getting 'cold sores' since I was a child, and never really realized what they were.

So anyway... here I am. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man. My life is the same as it was, aside from him, as it was before I got HSV2 and discovered that I had HSV1. I'm more eductated, and able to pass that knowledge onto my children so they can protect themselves...

But the number one thing I've learned? I'm not alone. By far, I'm not alone. There are literally millions of people in this country alone who have this. Sure, some don't even realize they have it, but I'm not alone. I've shared so much since I found this site, almost a year ago. I've helped many, just by being a shoulder.... I hope I can help many more....

Good luck to y'all.

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    • Cas9
      And now you know why reporting you was not childish nor was there any reason to ask you anything. The rule exists to protect forum members from scammers trying to sell products. As a side note, there is no cure for herpes. no medicines or natural products will cure herpes. Like I said, if the Admins don't agree with the person filing the report, they simply ignore it. So in the next day or two, if your post is still on the forum then the Admins are OK with it. If your post is gone, then I was correct.
    • cowpoke02
      well you don't really understand bible life rules till after your abused or troubled in need.   keep ya head up ..  sex squick way to become slave or used and heart strings yanked .  lose your purpose .. tricky one .. if ya do it you have to feel safe and worth it ... don't do it then cause you have to live with your choices ...  lots devils out there .. figure if speech ..  devil made me do it .  haha, kinda true you give in to devil or temptation . figures of speech but it is very true cause world is full of devil people with intent to harm people .  they have brain defects . narcism / personality disorders .. they born to manipulate and hurt kill people. use people with no empathy as pawns .. hard to spot . just a feeling or they look at you one day can see the hate you or have it in for you .  evil people .  1 in so many guys has it to borderline .  so gods telling you or people who felt with it by holy spirirt to watch out for those devils ..  break down the bible into reality .. it is telling  the truth of life through history .. truth from poor batsrads enslaved or phsyco abused ..  watch out for false profits .  sex the fastest way to be controlled enslaved and used by devil people . satanists . but hey some decent people out there .. keep ya head up .. rule 1 is would you be proud if you had a baby to claim bay momma or daddy . lol.  always better to date good people .  take your chances just don't  be all over different people . haha.  easier to find good guys and choices ..  take care ..   i learning from you guys . in here reading your comments ..   
    • raregem
      Well I had no idea that was against the rules here. 
    • Cas9
      It's against the forum rules to provide your email related to products. If I'm wrong, then the Admins will ignore my report. No harm done.
    • cowpoke02
      sex is okay its a weapon and clouds your judgement .  lose your purpose get used and have a kid or hearth problems from a real sinner devil . i know of government agents dating a woman to see whats going on . knocked her up and broke up .  makes her life hard and mental abuse of it all nd your future .  bad people . she was protestor .  had other events stalking threats . her friend moved to russia to escape stalking they go into your home leave things int turn in . mind games ..  stick to plan and not get misled .. all gods saying.  you end up with bg problems and may never get to your purpose the easy way . haha .  people kept me form it all time . many people are invested in themselves giving you bad advice .. their purpose not your purpose ... our body wears out , health problems . open to all sorts problems .  life can fall apart year after year , trapped with devils .. evil world . stick to your guns and morals .. gonna have sex like it and make smart choices .. sex enslave you faster anything. oldest trick in society and crimes go through sex and women as pawns and men playing games .  

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