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Hello Everyone!!

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I am a 39yr. women....I broke up with my BF for couple of months and he started dating one of his ex GF then we started talking again and we got back together. After a week of been together he had a OB and he show me and I told him to check himself because it didnt look right, so he did and he came out positive....so i test myself and just find out couple of weeks ago that I have the virus and is been very stressfull...because I didnt deserve this, I do Love him, but know I'm scared that one day he may leave me in this condition...and my life have change completly....I am very scared and dont know what to do....I try to keep myself busy at all time not to think, but when i get close to my kids and my grandkids it kills me because I feel that if I touch or kiss them I may get them infected and I dont want that happend...I havent told nobody just my BF and I knows about it and sometimes i just want to talk to someone and let all this go and take it out of my chest because I realy dont want to fall in depression....Please Help me understand this!!!!!!!!!:confused::(

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Were you a virgin before getting with your boyfriend the first time? You could have gotten this from your first sexual encounter and never knew it. 90% of those who have it don't know and show no signs. Anyway, trying to establish blame will do no good.

Dont worry about giving this to your kids or grandkids. It takes skin to skin contact to pass this, so unless they come in contact with your genitals, they won't catch it.

Read the stories in the Secrets to our Success Forum. You will read how it isn't too difficult to find someone. I have had this a long time and have given the 'talk' many times and have never been rejected.

Come back to the chat room, there are many people there who can tell you of their successes in dating with this.

Good luck!


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