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Feeling Better....but....

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okay...so I am feeling alot better. BUT...i went to see an infectious disease doctor and had my labs sent also. He basically insinuated that I cheated on my husband and thats how I got it....which he's not even sure if I have herpes. My labs were too low to be considered positive (IgG) and the IgM was also to low to be considered positive of a new infection. So he wants to repeat the tests in 6 weeks. He looked in my nose and eyes(I have blisters in my nose and my eyes are red and burning) he said all he sees is dry skin!!!!! I can tell you I have blisters in my nose...you cant miss them!!!He said it is very rare to get it in your eyes or nose and he really doesnt think its that. On the other hand he couldnt tell me what it was either! He is supposed to be "the infectious disease guy" in the area. I also went to a ophthamologist to look at my eyes...he said my eyes have no infection.He said there is inflammation and dryness but that could be from crying (which I havent stopped doing since Tuesday). Then why are they burning 24/7? Is it possible that being on Valtrex for 48 hours prior to these appointments cleared it up enough that they arent seeing it???? I also see NEW pimples on my genitals. Can that happen? my first show of symptoms was about 2 weeks ago. Confused and dont know what to believe. My gut is telling me this is herpes but every MD I go to says theyre not sure and maybe I just "picked up" some strange virus. I dont go around with my vag hanging out! I was a virgin when I met my husband 23 years ago! I am tired of this whole thing and just want to wake up and its all been a nightmare.

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package deal

find a new doctor. the one your seeing is a jerk. What makes this doc think that you had to cheated on your hubby and got the virus instead of the other way around? sense you were a virgin when you meet and married your hubby and you do have herpies then you had better look toward your husband because he the only one who could of given it to you.

it is possible that your hubby had the virus when he meet you and it just now showing it ugly head. however dormat for 23 years plus. Unlikely. i would go see another doc and have him take a swab of the things you say that look like blisters. If it is herpies and you just contacted it your body make of not had time to build antiboties to it yet. also have those test retaken again ion 6 weeks but by a different doc

then i be asking your hubby for a explaination

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I am definitely going to go to a different doctor. I really don't think my husband cheated on me. We have a great relationship and It really is not him to do something like that. I don't mean to sound naive but I really do trust him.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Ashleerae
      Yeah whoops, I didn't see you wrote HSV-1 until later haha. I definitely see your point. 
      Just some random thoughts on the subject that I've been thinking about similar to your situation, even if they are a little different. I've been in a workplace where a girl was the herpes girl so I totally get that. Not the brand you want. Yeah it is so common. Somebody else in the room probably has it, like you said. It feels like its so unnatural and isolated when diagnosed because nobody talks about it, but its so freaking common. Maybe people are more open about HSV1, but maybe not.  Who knows if the rest of the world will catch up. It's nice to not care what the rest of the world has to say sometimes. That would be tough at 18-22 having everyone you know find out. I assume my own hometown will find out one day from someone who knows; that was one of my other biggest fears about this too, but it's fading. I guess I better start working on my comeback game so it's in the holster when I need it Have a good night, good thread Hairpees.  
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Runride and welcome to the website, I hope there is some thoughts to assist in your thinking. Wow, where do live? Sounds a bit like 'Deliverance' country or something out of a David Lynch movie. I'm very sorry about that. I have three options for your consideration. They are not in order of any particular preference. 1. Ignore it. Go about your life as per normal. You are the actor on your own stage and the other players will do what they do. Do as you wish to do with your life and other people will buy into that, or they're not welcome on your journey. Herpes plays the role it always has for you. You inform partners in advance of sex. 2. Take a stand to be open about your status. Requires a bit more bravery to put yourself out there for little short term reward certainly. "Yes I have herpes like most of us do orally or genitally. What do you feel the issues surrounding this are? What ought to be different in our lives and the way we live them as a result?" 3. Move to a new environment to give yourself a better chance of living life under option 1 or even option 2 above.
    • Broken Butterfly
      For sure, why bother if it’s pointless and costly but I get what you mean.  
    • Broken Butterfly
      I said I considered it but not that I was going to sue- I have no idea what my options are here.  
    • Hairpees
      I’m definitely not saying you need to file a lawsuit, you’ll read on here most people don’t have success. I’ve mentioned it because hes not responding to you so maybe that will wake him up.

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