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So. Leg herpe. Here's what the doc says..

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As many now know, I have been diagnosed through culture for HSV-2 on leg. Ironically, BELOW the "boxer area". Doc says, if and when you get a OB, not to worry. My first was was very very mild and is now done in less than a week. I am also taking anti-virals, but doc says I do not need it. The only way I would actually pass it to another woman is one, if she's uninfected, and two touches the OB area. He said it would be, more or less, in that area. It highly likely it will not move anywhere else even to my genitals. All he told me to do is wrap it up. The choice to tell is really mine to do, since, I am highly unlikely to spread to anyone else since it is not in the genitals. He's worked on HSV and infectious diseases since the 1980's. Been a MD in urology here in CA since the 1970's. And, assuming the relationship with my current gf, which I do love dearly and who I caught it from (ironically NOT DURING INTERCOURSE. She got out of the shower and was dripping all over me. It was an accident. I really do believe that), it is not a problem nor issue. However, if it doesn't workout, what do I do? Just planing for the future. A backup plan if you will. Date older women? Therefore they may be more understanding? Not say anything since it is NOT in or on the genitals AND I am on anti-virals and all herbs...

Please, do tell all who wish to share their thoughts. Thank you.

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