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Is this normal?

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I have a large herpes sore which is almost the size of a dime. The area around it is swollen and red. I've been trying to keep the area dry (which is difficult because I am having vaginal discharge) but when I got home from work there appeared to be a little blood. I quickly hopped in the bath to sooth the area. It doesn't seem to be actively bleeding, although the sore isn't pretty. It's in it's blistery gross phase. I have taken two generic valtrex pills and still have three left...but I wonder if the problem will really go away with so little pills? Or if the pills are helping at all?

I have been taking epsom salt baths but I don't see any effect. The only thing that dulls the pain is ibuprofen and I can only take 6 a day ;( Is this normal for an outbreak or could it be more serious?

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Fairy dust

Hi Sora,

sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment. I have had H for 27 years and the sores have ranged from tiny blisters to sores like you are experiencing now. I don't know why they vary so much but I remember one particular OB on my buttock was so big and oozing that it stuck to my undies and was really awful - it was so hard to heal because it was right on my bum where you sit down! I think they need fresh air to dry out but that is not very easy to do is it?!!

It will go eventually but if you are worried it may be worth seeing your Doc. It is probably worth going on the chat room and seeing what the other guys think.

Take care x

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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