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A platter specially for Karkitakam

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The Malayalam Calender has a month by name Karkitaka which falls from mid July to August. Karkitakam brings with it the first showers of the year after a stinging and nerve racking summer. But even the fresh rain are at disadvantage because they tamper with ones health. Low immunity of the body plays host to ailments and illness and this negative factor needs to be taken care of to enjoy the essence of each raindrop to fullest.

Diet plays an emminent role in building up of immunity and sustainance against diseases. In kerala ayurveda herbs and plants of medicinal value are found and used in abundance. A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by ayurveda practitioners. Spinach, colocasia leaves and stem and other such greens are used commonly. Fresh grated coconut is added im mostly all dishes. But drumstick leaves which is an inevitable green used in Kerala cuisine is avoided during monsoon due to heavy lose of Vitamin A with exposure to rain. But drumsticks are not a taboo.

As most of the diseases are water-borne such as Hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhoea, utmost caution is to be taken about the drinking water. The water should be boiled to its boiling point and kept in an enclosed jug after cooling. Ayurveda prescribes certain herbs like holy basil, cumin seeds, coriander seeds to be added to water for medicinal and healing effect. In ayurveda, a medicated gruel, marunnu kanji is prescribed as an effective drug and diet in Karkitaka Chikitsa.

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    • Free73
      Hi there wb, I am also an avid weight lifter and have genital herpes. I also take Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey. Like you, my outbreaks have been pretty constant over the last 12 months after many years of having few, if any noticeable outbreaks. I'm 43. I would be surprised if it's the protein shakes. The ratio of lysine to arginine in ON's gold standard whey is about 9 grams per 100 grams vs 2 grams per 100 grams. That's a 4:1 ratio of Lysine to Arginine which is very high. The hydrocortisol could be a problem. I have read that oral steroids can suppress the immune system, so perhaps get some more information on that from your doctor. What is your current exercise and training routine? You want to make sure that you are not overtraining. Lifting weights will stress the body. Exercise is good for the immune system, but overdo it and it will supress the immune system. I have been lifting weights for 20 years, but as I've gotten older, I know that my body is struggling to keep up, particularly after contracting herpes. I lift pretty heavy and use a four day split routine. I primarily use free weights and work in a rep range of 4-7, so I am lifting heavy and really taxing the body. I definitely think it plays a role in the frequency of outbreaks, because my training hasn't really slowed down in intensity as I've gotten older, yet the body requires more recovery time as you get older. I also think that because you recently started lifting, it's causing a shock to your body and immune system. Even though you have made these improvements to the quality of your life by starting to exercise and giving up smoking etc., you have introduced a new 'shock' to your body and your immune system is possibly still trying to get used to it. For me, I know that my weight training probably aggravates the herpes and my outbreaks, but it also makes me feel great both physically and mentally and i'm not prepared to give that up simply to lessen the frequency of outbreaks. What I do need to do is give my body more recovery time and get better sleep.
    • Blahdittilyblah
      I think it's a good idea to consider how long you have been in some sort of a relationship and where you see this going. If it hasn't been too long then let it ride for a little longer no need to disclose if your not sure where things should go if you didn't have this issue. If it's been a while then disclose. I wouldn't wait until you both are so emotionally invested that it may cloud ones decision or hurt really bad if rejected. It's a difficult thing to judge but if you feel it may go to a full blown relationship involving sex then tell him if he likes you as much as you do him he will be ok with it if not then you saved yourself some heartache. 
    • Heart1
      Hi Choosehappy,  I'm so sorry to hear your story. I don't know much about OCD but this website will help you realize that you are not alone with hsv. There are a lot of people here who can provide you with support and help educate you about ways to cope. We all had the same emotions in the beginning. We all had our first week. It will get better, I promise.  I suggest visiting the chat room, I have found that to be most helpful. You will find many people who will listen to your story and help answer your questions. Just know that you will get through this!
    • Hester
      I know exactly how you feel. I was totally distraught and despondent when I was diagnosed. I was a mess for a good month. I slowly started feeling better. Went on some anxiety meds temporarily until I felt better.   Do you have a councillor you can talk to?
    • Blahdittilyblah
      I was once diagnosed with OCD and I say once because I really don't exhibit any traits anymore I believe miss disgnosis or I just stoped caring about obsessing, being in the military and deploying overseas got rid of that quickly lol but I genuinely grew out of it in my teens but I do find my self too having OCD like moments more so out of fear of spreading it to other areas. Like I don't like using the same towel after taking a shower I'll use a new towel the next shower. I don't like picking up my boxers lol because I don't want it to touch my hands but it was more so being concerned with spreading it to other areas, however I have learned that the virus dies quickly outside the body surface so likely it won't spread if you used the same towel the next day or pick up your underwear haphazardly. Those are just a few herpes OCD events for me. Just try to relax and go about your normal routine. 
    • herpdeherpherp
      Hi Hurtin albertan, I feel your pain - it's frustrating. I've been told by two medical professionals at two different places that they don't recommend blood testing, only swabs. So I had one swab done, it came back negative but the suspected blister was so tiny that I'm not surprised. Like you I have all the other symptoms. I'm going to try to talk them into giving me a blood test when my three months is up, and failing that I'll go to another clinic kindly recommended by someone here. This might be terrible advice, but there are some test kits you can buy online for HSV1 and 2 - some claim to be very accurate. I can't say, as I haven't used any.. but it might help you get an answer.  
    • OhFuckMyDickHurts
      There are design options right now, but yes relying on studies in the field. Gene delivery systems do work into the CSF as there are axons into the DRG and clinically that is probably the most practical as injection directly into the DRG can be hazardous and rely on navigating it in there very carefully......ohhhh but its seductive as I know the vector would surely saturate the neurons in the injection site ensuring maximum effect.....    
    • Luvnlife
      Thx winter girl for your input. I am thinking to try it and see what happens. Trial and error right lol. figure waxing lasts longer so thought I'd give it a try. Thx again!
    • choosehappy
      I was diagnosed with hsv2 on Monday. I also have been dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) since I was in sixth grade. I have my OCD in control but dealing with hsv2 has definitely intensified my OCD. I'm scared, afraid and overcome with emotions in general.  
    • K_Sock
      Going back to the original poster, the concern is that the medical community views hsv as not a priority for a cure (because it's "not life threatening")... Whilst it is true that it's not life threatening (at least for the most part..) it is known that the majority of people who have hsv have had symptoms. That is, we often read that the majority of people don't know they have hsv (even many of those with frequent cold sores don't seem to understand it's hsv), but when those people are told the symptoms in studies, something like 80% of them admit to have had them to some degree (often mild of course). Compound that knowledge with anecdotes I have heard on this site, my own experience, a skepticism of the WHO's "estimates", and links to serious diseases - well, I would have to say that a cure is needed.
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