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A platter specially for Karkitakam

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The Malayalam Calender has a month by name Karkitaka which falls from mid July to August. Karkitakam brings with it the first showers of the year after a stinging and nerve racking summer. But even the fresh rain are at disadvantage because they tamper with ones health. Low immunity of the body plays host to ailments and illness and this negative factor needs to be taken care of to enjoy the essence of each raindrop to fullest.

Diet plays an emminent role in building up of immunity and sustainance against diseases. In kerala ayurveda herbs and plants of medicinal value are found and used in abundance. A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by ayurveda practitioners. Spinach, colocasia leaves and stem and other such greens are used commonly. Fresh grated coconut is added im mostly all dishes. But drumstick leaves which is an inevitable green used in Kerala cuisine is avoided during monsoon due to heavy lose of Vitamin A with exposure to rain. But drumsticks are not a taboo.

As most of the diseases are water-borne such as Hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhoea, utmost caution is to be taken about the drinking water. The water should be boiled to its boiling point and kept in an enclosed jug after cooling. Ayurveda prescribes certain herbs like holy basil, cumin seeds, coriander seeds to be added to water for medicinal and healing effect. In ayurveda, a medicated gruel, marunnu kanji is prescribed as an effective drug and diet in Karkitaka Chikitsa.

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    • Bukx
      wow, I just read about seems live atenuated has been absolutely in reach since ever;im not a conspiracy kind of guy but is so amazing that a vaccine that produced 85% reduction in symptoms was stoped because of financial reasons, I mean, if you see the ammount of money people is putting in developing apps that have almost no chance to succeed, it seems imposible .... I can`t think other explanation other than big companies deliberately avoiding the easy way to put their more complex (and so, more difficult to imitate) product in the market; it`s crazy
    • WilsoInAus
      I'm not sure what viral shedding studies would actually do. To do any good, the study of shedding needs to be both continuous and include determination of copy volume (that is, professional and consistent swabbing or related technique by a professional); how is this possible? For example, shedding can remain on the same number of days (or should it be hours?) but if the copies are dramatically reduced, the vaccine is 'successful'. For those with HSV already, then shedding reduction is not as important as symptom reduction. And what is most important of all is whether the preventative vaccine is effective against an unvaccinated carrier. 
    • StayingUpbeat
      Sadly no.  The too good to be true vibe mentioned by @Malcom coupled with the lack of measured viral shedding in the trial is troubling.  Don't get me wrong, Halford's vaccine has the potential to be a biblical good.  I volunteered for the trial.  My greatest worry is that history repeats itself and Dr. Halford is fundamentally repeating the AuRx folly.  In the early 2000's a researcher by the name of Laurent Aurelian, citing the same fundamental headaches with the FDA about performing clinical trials of his live attenuated ICP10 vaccine, went to Mexico and held a Phase I trial.  In the published results 84% of those injected claimed to have significant symptom relief.  Without numeric shedding reduction results it was impossible to differentiate between placebo effect and viral transmission impact.  14 years later, the AuRx website: has the same statement indicating that they are awaiting investors to move forward.  I really, really, wish that Dr. Halford had included viral shedding results in his trial.  I hope that he plans to in later phases and that he is able to collect that metric before RVx runs out of money just like AuRx did.
    • JBnATL
      Hi there, you have come to the right place.  This website has the most accurate information about this virus on the internet. Most people who do get an outbreak do so 2 - 20 days after getting this virus, so it does sound like you did get it from your current bf.  However, if you are in the minority and did have it prior to being with him then the chances of you passing it to him are remote when you don't have an outbreak. You asked for links about ttansmission risks and here are two great ones for you: Good luck! JB
    • Srsly.Ovr.It
      If you're anywhere near a Planned Parenthood, they have a sliding fee scale for all services (including testing) based upon your income.
    • cantdoit
      Do we know anything about shedding reduction ?
    • K_Sock
      Oh, tough situation but if he thinks he now has it it seems like fairly normal behavior to do the research he is doing.. Maybe just give him a few days to work through his process.. Probably best to not judge..  Glad to hear things have been going well. You will make it through this.
    • Lisajd
      Refer him to halfords work on a vaccine for obs. Then he will see there is no cure.
    • Lisajd
      What is it you fear?  
    • Blahdittilyblah
      What kind of education do you have that pertains to the medical or care profession?
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