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A platter specially for Karkitakam

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The Malayalam Calender has a month by name Karkitaka which falls from mid July to August. Karkitakam brings with it the first showers of the year after a stinging and nerve racking summer. But even the fresh rain are at disadvantage because they tamper with ones health. Low immunity of the body plays host to ailments and illness and this negative factor needs to be taken care of to enjoy the essence of each raindrop to fullest.

Diet plays an emminent role in building up of immunity and sustainance against diseases. In kerala ayurveda herbs and plants of medicinal value are found and used in abundance. A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by ayurveda practitioners. Spinach, colocasia leaves and stem and other such greens are used commonly. Fresh grated coconut is added im mostly all dishes. But drumstick leaves which is an inevitable green used in Kerala cuisine is avoided during monsoon due to heavy lose of Vitamin A with exposure to rain. But drumsticks are not a taboo.

As most of the diseases are water-borne such as Hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhoea, utmost caution is to be taken about the drinking water. The water should be boiled to its boiling point and kept in an enclosed jug after cooling. Ayurveda prescribes certain herbs like holy basil, cumin seeds, coriander seeds to be added to water for medicinal and healing effect. In ayurveda, a medicated gruel, marunnu kanji is prescribed as an effective drug and diet in Karkitaka Chikitsa.

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    • Hester
      I made the mistake of buying a pack of peanut butter cookies from the grocery store bakery and eating almost the whole thing in one herpes-induced depression cry-fest Wednesday night and by Friday...BOOM!  No more peanut butter for me
    • Hester
      I found your blog.   I saw that you changed to About Time protein powder. You like banana the best?  I'm thinking I'll try the vanilla but I'm worried the flavor might not be good.....  
    • Sanguine108
      Yeah, gotta help your body clear the pipes.   I had this gnarly testicle twisting sensation about 5 weeks into my infection.   I didn't know about St. John's Wort at the time, but took an herb called Japanese knotweed/Polyogonum cuspidatum/Hu Zhang.   It's a chinese herb that is mostly used for venereal disease.   It also has the greatest amount of resveratrol for its price. So the fad-health entrepreneurs use it as the source for resveratrol supplements.    So... You could go get a resveratrol supplement (that's what I did) and try that.   But make sure Japanese knotweed or polygonum cuspidatum or Hu Zhang is in the ingredients.   You don't want the resveratrol from grapes for your balls. I took 1 dose and was surprised how it cleared.
    • Sanguine108
      -Does your family have a history of aura-migraines?
      -How long have you been vegan?
      -Are you bowel movements normal?
      -Is your sleep ok?  How about before this?
      -The hip and low back pain could be because of an acute viral infection like herpes. Especially since it sounds like you've been sexually flirting with it.  You could be sensitive as a result of being vegan, and organs like your heart, liver and kidneys really feel the weight when your energy is being put into building resistant to the virus or whatever else you may or may not have gotten. But to talk about your symptoms.  Eye twitching is a liver-blood deficiency issue.  Auras-migraines relate to the liver.   Heart palpitations are a blood issue.  And, for lack of technical eloquence, if your liver isn't happy then it can literally piss off the heart.   The low back usually pertains to the kidneys (~where you 12th rib is).  Ears ringing can be a result of liver and/or kidneys.  If it was sudden blasting ear ringing then it's more on the liver.  If you have a steady low ring then it's the kidney.     Blood and the general fluids are essential for making everything happy.  Heart doesn't have enough blood, it starts freaking out and you get palpitations.  And the B12 supplementation...  B12 targets the liver.  So if any of these symptoms are exacerbated when taking B12 then that could be something. Not trying to be overly critical but, unless you're consciously juicing every day, veganism is not very supportive of a human's dietary needs. If anything, be vegetarian and find a legit source for the dairy.  Every long-term vegan I know, especially the long-term vegans, have issues with ringing ears, low back pain, restlessness..  ..and sunken in eyes...   I think it's a good thing as a cleanse as someone would fast.  But if you're already in the world of deficiency then you need to supplement more to your essence.   As far as dairy, using a ghee is very good.  They separate the afflictive proteins in it so it's the "pure butter".  Fat is the most important substance for your nervous system.  Fuck protein and carbohydrates.  They ain't shit compared to fat.  In the same way that oil provides energy for fire, it provides the same to your metabolic fire.   Also, fat is what your nervous system is made out of.  So feed it.   And plant fats... I don't want to get too off topic, but I don't know a vegan culture.   India, on the other hand, has a vegetarianism in it's culture for 1000s of years.  That's what I'd be following if I were a strict vegetarian.  And on that note, in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), if someone were blood deficient and run down then they'd prescribe them to eat beef (at noon) every day for 2 weeks.   Personally, I think making bone broth is a better route to go.  I don't eat beef, I really don't like it but if I was in a vulnerable position I'd make some bone broth.  That time came, I made that broth and woooooo I felt soo good.  Like my tanks had been filled.  If you don't want to do cow or chicken then you can do a fish head broth.   It's not as powerful but at least it's a better supplement than soley taking B12.
    • edcoop
      Hi friendly have u got this checked up wit a urologist? I'm currently overseas for work and back home n 2 weeks and first order of business is get this checked up by a specialist and get a proper diagnosis.. 
    • Sissy_5155
      Last night for the first time during sex I felt like my vagina was hotter than normal. Today I am nor sure if I feel sore from the sex or if this is symptoms of shedding. Advice? 
    • Blahdittilyblah
      Although it's tough as I am less then a month into this my self. Ask yourself what has changed about you other then having this virus. Nothing has changed your still you, the same person alone and in public. When I thought about this I was devastated and to some degree I still am. However, I looked at my mother who has a terminal illness, I looked to my friend who died in combat in Afghanistan and left a wife and young child behind, I though to myself I could have cancer and actually have a time range of my death and then I looked at my hsv 2 and said it freaking sucks giant you know what but I'm not going to die I don't have to go through chemotherapy, I don't have to miss a husband or father everyday, and I don't have a timeline on my expiration and for that I find peace in the ability to still do everything I used to minus the pita it can and may be for me. The toughest part of this whole things is the mental and emotional aspect but those I have told haven't changed on me in the slightest and that's what helps me realize it'll be alright. 
    • gonnakillher
    • Queenbeevivian
      Thank you for sharing, something i needed to hear today. 
    • luvlost
      Im a woman my partner male assuming no condom after 2 yr 
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