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A platter specially for Karkitakam

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The Malayalam Calender has a month by name Karkitaka which falls from mid July to August. Karkitakam brings with it the first showers of the year after a stinging and nerve racking summer. But even the fresh rain are at disadvantage because they tamper with ones health. Low immunity of the body plays host to ailments and illness and this negative factor needs to be taken care of to enjoy the essence of each raindrop to fullest.

Diet plays an emminent role in building up of immunity and sustainance against diseases. In kerala ayurveda herbs and plants of medicinal value are found and used in abundance. A vegetarian diet is recommended for this season by ayurveda practitioners. Spinach, colocasia leaves and stem and other such greens are used commonly. Fresh grated coconut is added im mostly all dishes. But drumstick leaves which is an inevitable green used in Kerala cuisine is avoided during monsoon due to heavy lose of Vitamin A with exposure to rain. But drumsticks are not a taboo.

As most of the diseases are water-borne such as Hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhoea, utmost caution is to be taken about the drinking water. The water should be boiled to its boiling point and kept in an enclosed jug after cooling. Ayurveda prescribes certain herbs like holy basil, cumin seeds, coriander seeds to be added to water for medicinal and healing effect. In ayurveda, a medicated gruel, marunnu kanji is prescribed as an effective drug and diet in Karkitaka Chikitsa.

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    • LynnT
      Oh and about whether or not to disclose, please see my above response to Sarah, it's generally applicable. Good luck.
    • LynnT
      Back to the original post - seems it got lost in the Sarah related chats.  Amandac- I have always told my partners before sex, with one exception (also I have hsv2). It was a scenario just like yours - things moved fast and all the sudden we were in his bed, and yes we used a condom as well. So I felt super guilty after, even though I tried to tell myself as long as we used protection he'd be safe. But I liked him and hated feeling like I was lying to him. So soon after we were texting and I said I needed to tell him something and could we talk later. Well of course he then called me even though I was not ready to have the chat. But he was really concerned for me and so I just blurted it out on the phone and said usually I tell guys first but the other night was such a whirlwind etc. Well he was so mad he hung up on me. Before him I had probably told 8 guys over the prior 9 years and never had any men rejected me. But I felt his reaction was warranted since I told him after the fact. We ended up talking about it over text a lot. He was extremely upset I would risk his health - we had made out in the hottub and rubbed bodies briefly. I cried and apologized over n over, told him I really liked him but I would understand if he didn't want to see me anymore. I said I'd stop texting and if he wanted to talk to me I would let him initiate things. Well it took a few days of silence but he did text me and we hung out and decided to keep on since we really liked each other. Anyways we didn't last because I went back to my ex but that is how I handled that situation. I know text or phone might seem wussy but who cares, it's easier. And the other person isn't put on the spot like they would be in person. Choose a method of communication that makes you comfortable. Good luck to you!!
    • LynnT
      Not having one for years is not a guarantee you'll never have one. Sarah - you seem to want people to agree with you. You keep arguing with what everyone is saying by explaining how you're justifying giving the guy 90% of the truth. What you do is totally up to you, but I think the overall consensus is that total honesty is better, especially if you're serious about the guy. Are you scared adding the word genital to the diagnosis will scare him away? At the very least please be honest to yourself as to why you are only giving him partial truth. Good luck.
    • LynnT
      If you have zero income Planned Parenthood should give you a sliding scale fee...or at least they used to long ago. Otherwise put it on a credit card if you can? Seems important to know.
    • Lisajd
      @Bpp and @Whoreallyknows I have had genital herpes for just over a year now and at first I was really upset about it mostly because of the people who I had to tell ie men and that was my biggest fear that I would not meet anyone again.   But apart from that if you manage your outbreaks you won't even know that you have it until the time comes the you have to disclose to somebody else and what I realise now is that you cant assume.  I told quite a few of my friends and colleagues and that really helped me and they all said oh well it's very common or I don't really know much about it and that's where you realise that its ok to have hsv.  Sure they will be people who will judge you and reject you but as you get older you realise what's important in life and who are important in your life and you certainly don't need people who are negative towards you or judge you.  Try and reach out to your friends because they obviously care about you and I'm sure if you know them well enough you know that they won't look at you any differently and I remember one girl she told a friend and that friend had had herpes for years.  Remember it is very common you just don't know who has what these days
    • Lisajd
      @oneday if you read through the thread you will see that she has not had any outbreaks for a few years
    • Scared7777
      What is your update? I read the review on Amazon that one shouldn't take this long term. Sounds like it might be good for an outbreak.
    • Whoreallyknows
      @Bpp, I am in your exact same shoes...I wanted to quote everything you said. I went to my Dr Tuesday and was basically diagnosed on site and prescribed the meds. They called today saying I have herpes. But I have used up all my pto days and my coworkers are like family so everyone has been asking me what's wrong...I work with some of my best friends so they're all super worried bc I haven't been talking to them. I dropped off the face of the earth and I don't know what to tell everyone as they know me so well and won't accept an 'I was sick' excuse. I was in communication with 3 of them in particular who knew I was going to my gyno to get new bc...I am just so lost.  But I am in so much hurts to just exist at this point bc there is no comfortable position I can find.  I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm dreading it...there's also the fact I work with the man who I believe gave it to me. I'm terrified to put anything on my sores it just hurts so bad. My mom was going to get me aloe Vera gel but apparently was advised against it because of assitional chemicals in it? But I've very young too and was feeling free and independent for the first time in my life and I feel like it's bering ripped away. I don't mean to be a downer, it's just remarkable how much I can relate to your situation. I wish you the best.
    • oneday
      What will you tell him when you actually have a genital outbreak but no oral outbreak? 
    • Sanguine108
      soap.   Hand sanitizer may work but I wouldn't bet money on it. I have way more confidence in soap.   The lipid envelope of HSV is what keeps it viably active, 'alive' and infectious (redundancy?).  So in the same way soap or surfactants disrupt lipids on cookware or hands, the same way it'll disrupt HSV's lipid membrane.  
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