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Need help deciphering results!

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So I was confirmed to be GHSV2+ in January, and have been doing okay since, but am trying to figure out an approximate time of when I contracted the virus. I know there is no definite way of knowing, but I thought that someone on here might be of help in deciphering my test results.

They are as follows:

Herpes simplex antibody titre (CFT) 8

Herpes simplex virus (Types 1&2) IgM (IFT): Negative

Herpes simplex virus Type 1 IgG (IFT): Negative

Herpes simplex virus Type 2 IgG (IFT): Positive

Herpes simplex type 2 IgG (EIA): Equivocal

These results suggest a recent herpes simplex virus type 2 infection. Rising antibody titre(s) in a further specimen will confirm recent information. Please submit a further specimen in 14 days for confirmation.

I never submitted another blood sample because it was pretty obvious from my symptoms and the positive IgG that I have HSV2 (also confirmed in a swab test). However, I am confused about the "equivocal" result. I think my antibody titre is 8, so wouldn't that be a high amount? And by recent, does that mean within the last month? Sorry I am just trying to figure out who I got this from so I can let them know and hopefully prevent them from spreading it to others. Any information on my results would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Miss Horne
      There’s new treatment available for cmv and shingles but nothing yet for hsv. It’s like a slap in the face! 
    • Miss Horne
      Any ladies out there suffered with this? There seems to be little information about it on the net. Thanks in advance. 
    • Roja
      Rejection will be there during your whole life. But not because of herpes, also because of how you are, at work, at your private life. It's just a part of life! Just have in mind that if people reject you because of stupid little things like herpes, they are not even worth continuing as a part of your life.  I think the best way of fighting the stigma is to be 100% convinced that there is NO NEED to feel ashamed, bad, disgusting because of herpes. I one day understood some very important thing: I did NOTHING differently than my friends who don't have herpes. I had sex (they did), sometimes with protection (they did), sometimes without (they did). I had ONS (they did), I had long term relationships (they did), I received wonderful and less wonderful oral sex, haha (they did). The only difference is that I got genital herpes from someone who didn't even know. So why exactly should I feel disgusting or bad?  And also: Know the facts. That is the safest way to destroy stigma in my opinion. If someone tells you: "Yuck! Herpes is disgusting!" you can answer: "I don't think that 80 % of the world population are disgusting because they have a virus in their bodies."  I also recommend this video from "Laureen". She has really great videos about herpes!       
    • Miss Horne
      Thanks for the comments. Looks like the only think that might have a shot at helping us in the future is the drug Pritlevir then. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @PeaceNeeded no there is zero relationship between penile spines and HSV-2, no such variant is possible.

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