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Lips tingling for 14 days, but just one small coldsore

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Sorry for the second thread so quick (as I get more knowledgable about this subject I'll start chiming in on other people's threads more!)

For now, I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to this, and whether it's a familiar pattern...

1) My first cold sore was back in January. It was a big one that followed a couple of days tingling in that part of my lip. It took about 3 weeks for the scab to fall off. Some minor tingling after the scab went, but it was all localised to where the actual cold sore was. Unsightly, yes, but not so bad. And no flu symptoms. (I'd actually had the flu the month before - I'm reasonably sure that's what it was, as everyone else had it at the same time.)

2) Four weeks on from the first CS, and the whole of my lips - top and bottom - started tingling and burning like crazy. One spot in particular tingled even more, and that bit developed into a very small cold sore (on the opposite lip to the first). This one resembled a tiny white-ish ulcer at the start, but is now red and sore, but still quite small. It's not like a blister at all. In the meantime, the whole of my lips have been non-stop burning for 2 weeks, and drying/peeling quickly (the latter possibly because I'm paranoid about licking them) and look incredibly cratered. None of this happened with the first, bigger cold sore.

- Does this current OB sound similar to the start of the big one, the major outbreak that people usually have as their first?

- If so, does the severe lip tingling/burning normally last as long as 2 weeks, despite only being able to see one small cold sore?

Just interested to know if this rings a bell with anyone - the possibility of the second OB being worse than the first, and the odd ratio of intense burning to tiny cold sore. :confused:

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Hi Simon, I never had a big cold sore, but my first sore was in January. My lip was burning for weeks and drying out. I was scared to put any chapstick or any on my lips because I didn't want it to get worse(new to this). I got several tiny bumps in my top lip that seem to be there all the time(if I stretch my mouth wide you can see them, not noticable unless irritated). When I eat certain foods it gets irritated(goes down in a few hours). My bottom lip had the whitish sore every morning when a wake up, but goes away in a few hours to a day (I put salt with water on it- burns a little, but worked for me).

I hope I was a little helpful. Good luck!!!!

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Thanks peaceful1. That's interesting that your lip was burning for weeks as well. Is it still burning now?

Right now, the burning on mine (top and bottom, and both sides) feels so intense it sort of feels like it extends a little beyond the boundary of my lips. It's kind of like sunburn (but it's definitely not that - not where I live this time of year!!) One point in particular - where the small (apparent) cold sore is - burns more than anywhere else.

Getting on for 3 weeks with it now, along with similar symptoms and redness 'down below' which is freaking me out. I know being depressed/stressed isn't helping either, but like all vicious cycles and feedback loops, trying to break this particular cycle of stress > symptoms > more stress > worse symptoms > even more stress, etc is difficult.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      I think once my bottle of optimal fulic acid is gone. I am going to switch to shilijit or however you spell it. I think humic acid plays an important role in keeping the hsv at bay. I read one natureopath was using only humic acid tablets to help her patients, but it didnt mention a dose or brand. Except that they slowly amounted to 8 tablets over i think it said almost a year to prevent a bad herx reaction. Can anyone trying the shillijiat chime in on how they have been doing on it? How often they take it and what your reactions have been the first few months?
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      @WilsoInAus well that picture I just posted look very similar to fordyce spots, but who knows...I get tested soon so perhaps that’ll be the verdict 
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      treatment approved !

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