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had a bad rash down below but never went to the doctor I didnt know what it was but I knew it wasnt normal. then a while after that i noticed a itchy rash on my chest I thought they were connected but then thought I was just being paranoid agian never went to the doctor. now i get lumps all over my face but 3 different doctors i went to say its dermatitis, acne and foliculitus. I've had a couple of swabs taken from my face but came back negative probably cause they werent in their active stages. I don't know what to do I know its herpes cause they itch hurt and my whole face tingles. I feel so dumb that i never went to the doctor when I first had my rash down below so I would've known that it can spread to other parts of your body I will regret it for the rest of my life. Im going to a dermatologist this week and hopfully he will take me seriously. I want to know has anyone else spread it to their face and what are some home remedies I can try

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What you've described can be MANY things. Just because it itches and tingles doesn't neccesarily mean it's herpes. There are many skin conditions that spread as a result of touching other areas of the body. Moreover, it could have just surfaced in a new area just because.

I wouldn't go trying any remedies until you are certain what your condition is. If this next doc is certain it's not herpes, I would bet your bottom dollar it's not. I'm always self-diagnosing, swear I have everything I read.:rolleyes: Just last week, my eyes were burning, I convinced myself it was occular herpes. There's a whole slew of conditions that can cause eye burning..

Don't stress over something that may not be. Keep us updated!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • MikeHerp
      Lol, a thousand guinea pigs.  I think you raise a good question (though it's a bit sad that a 1000 guinea pigs might have to die). But every every preclinical study I know, also uses a fairly small number of lab animals.  It's rarely more than a few dozen.  For example, the EDITAS proof of concept ocular herpes solution tested in 36 animals, of which some got placebo, and some got AAV with no editors.  So testing in only a handful of animals seems to be the norm.  So I wouldn't read into that caveat too much, if I were you.  But whether that vaccine can ever enter human trials, that I don't know.   Some things I've read seemed to suggest that ppl are kind of down on the idea of testing vaccines, on account of the failures.  I hope that's not the case.  
    • Bhbr2018
      Yeah @Lukeherpwalker I agree. Many people just see the igg tests and listen to random internet strangers about their results being from a childhood infection and on their mouth.  The fact is I got genital herpes because someone didn’t want to believe their HSV1 was genital when it was. Blood tests never can tell you location. Fact. Let’s deal with facts instead of highly unsupported opinions in the name of a life long virus shall we?
    • MikeHerp
      hi Imsu, No problem about the questions.  Sangamo is a research stage stem cell and gene editing company.  They currently are not researching HSV.  But they have a gene editing and stem cell stage 1/2 trials going on regarding HIV.  The gene editing solution they are using is zinc fingers. https://www.sangamo.com/pipeline/partnered-programs And no problem about your questions.  Feel free to also inbox me if you like and want to continue the conversation.  I'm not an expert, but I've done my research.  Cheers.  
    • Thats_Her
      I’m more than sure you got it from your current boyfriend. 5 days later and you have an outbreak in the anal where you did it for the first time. I had a vaginal outbreak 5 days after unprotected sex with my ex. I knew I was from him because of the negative tests I had during my outbreak. Unfortunately he was i denial about the situation and didn’t support me at all. Your boyfriend may not have been aware that he had it. And he may also lie about it if he finds out he actually does carry the virus. Hopefully he gets tested and things get sorted out for the both of you. 
    • Lukeherpwalker
      If you are having genital symptoms. . and test positive for hsv1 its very relevant. Op may indeed have ghsv1

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