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Waiting for official diagnosis but pretty sure that its herpes =/

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HEy everyone, Im glad I found this site. Although the DOctor hasnt officially diagnosed it, Im pretty sure its herpes. I have a few bumps and a sore and itches like hell. DOctor said she isnt sure because of the location? I go in next week and i guess she will let me know for sure. But Im pretty sure thats what it is because I was exposed to it last year. But weird I didnt have an outbreak until now. Ive come to accept it and well i guess i knew it. I cried and was so scared to tell my bf. However, he is very supportive and has accepted the risk. HE told me it doesn't change how he feels about me and he still loves me. I also talked to my best friend and she is very supportive and said she will not look at me any different and that it could be worse. Im not dying from it. Having their support have really helped me and they refuse to let me get depressed about it. Especially my boyfriend he refuses to let me beat myself over it. So if you can find that one person a friend or family member who you can trust and would be supportive helps tremendously.

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Hi. I hope it's not but if it is I am happy that your boyfriend supports you. Comfort is so needed when we experience situations like this.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Copperpenny
      I think once my bottle of optimal fulic acid is gone. I am going to switch to shilijit or however you spell it. I think humic acid plays an important role in keeping the hsv at bay. I read one natureopath was using only humic acid tablets to help her patients, but it didnt mention a dose or brand. Except that they slowly amounted to 8 tablets over i think it said almost a year to prevent a bad herx reaction. Can anyone trying the shillijiat chime in on how they have been doing on it? How often they take it and what your reactions have been the first few months?
    • WilsoInAus
    • LovedAnyway
      That’s it. I’m telling you the truth. I really can’t believe you. I have no reason to pretend to be someone else. I came here to learn and feel like people understood what I’m going through. You have me so upset. I don’t know what an IP address is but I know that admin can tell you I’m telling the truth.  Please, please just leave me alone so I don’t have to leave.
    • Godcanhealme
      @WilsoInAus well that picture I just posted look very similar to fordyce spots, but who knows...I get tested soon so perhaps that’ll be the verdict 
    • Mrspinkk
      treatment approved !

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