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Have to admit this now

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How god damn ridiculously stupid I am. Don't get me wrong, on the whole I have accepted everything and am pretty cool with it all but!!! I have to get off my chest a rant about how f***ing STUPID I am. For that, I need to go back to the time I believe I caught it. I can't guarantee it, and I guess I may have caught it from the same guy whatever, but reading this I'm sure most people will see why I feel like such a total idiot

I met a guy when I had a boyfriend at the age of 21. We chatted and he said, if your ever single, let me know. As it is, I went out the weekend I split up with this boyfriend and met this guy again. We'll call him Steve. Steve and I messed around for a few months, nothing serious at all just casual sex. One day I went to his and while we were getting down to it I saw he had sores on his penis. I was like "What is that?" and he said "I cut myself shaving" I shrugged it off but, and this has got to rank right up there with the most ridiculously stupidly dumb things I have ever done in my life...I thought oh well, as long as I'm not sucking it cos I don't want those scabby bits in my mouth. Oh god, what I wouldn't do for a time machine to go back to that moment and either use a condom or just pass. I mean, I can't guarantee that's when i caught it but I'm pretty sure it is. And how easily preventable that could have been. And HOW STUPID WAS I!? How could I have not had a bit more respect for myself and done the right thing. I don't know if he knew he had it but he must have known something was going on really. I mean I may have it totally wrong and he genuinely did have a shaving rash or something. I don't know. It was a few years ago now, but I remember him being incredibly cagey when I asked what it was. I just want to go back in time and bitchslap my 21 year old self!

Anyway, like I said I have accepted it and everything now but i just cannot believe I had such a blatant opportunity to avoid it, which is far more than most people had on thsi forum but I just had so little regard for myself, and felt so bad to insist he used a condom as we had never used them before that I just let it pass. I really do want to hit my head against a wall sometimes with how stupid I was though!

Oh and just in case anyone was thinking of it, in case you haven't noticed I'm well aware that I was completely and utterly stupid so please don't tell me that, I don't need to hear it as it's too late now

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I am in exactly the same boat, cept i KNEW it was a coldsore. It had scabbed over and looked dead. the boy told me it was dead and like gone away...the next morning when i woke up it was barely there. Anyways we were out drinking. I was meant to go out for ONE drink. instead i got drunk and even though i could see the coldsore on his mouth, i still went home wth him.

i was so drunk, we both were. i let him go down on me without realising. Next two days- BAM worst pain of my life. I could of avoided it as well, but i was a stupid drunken idiot and i hit myself in the head everyday. so dont worry you're not the only one.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Waiting4newlife
      Hi, I am living with this disease for the last 2 years. I am unmarried and I want to that anyone here has protected their female partner from transmitting both hsv 1/2 and achieved parenthood?. Please help, doctors will not have answers for this  Only you people know it. 
    • fixme1
      Like alot of jobs people keep going even if they are against what they have to do.its money for them and if they don't have an ob or positive blood results they will carry on 
    • ThatSGguy
      Hi guy,  Just diagnosed and trying to move on with my life. Understanding to prevent further outbreak, we would be best to stay actively healthy both mentally and physically.  Due to my nature of work, I am always under pressure. Should I plan on quitting and look for another job that is well suitable for my current condition or is manageable?  :,) 
    • Waiting4newlife
      I jus wrote to them, let's wait for the reply 
    • Goran123
      I have no choice, I have tried everything on this planet regarding holistic approach. Nothing work so far. Now I am on Neem, does not work. I just keep trying new things as I go along. I believe some like me actually have a very strong immune system (have not been sick since I can remember, maybe 9-10 years) but my immune system does not recognise my HSV, so it just does what it wants, thats why the continuous OB's.  Don't think about ending life, life is to priceless. This is not cancer. Try to date a guy who have it as well, then there would be something you could fight together.

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