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Is it herpes or could it be trauma from intercourse?

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I am a 22 year old female. Recently I had a major lapse in judgment and I fear I may have something.

One week ago I slept with my best guy friend (who I've known my whole life, our families are close friends and neighbors). He has herpes and I've known about it for a few years. He has only had two outbreaks in three years, and does not take anti-viral drugs. His last outbreak occurred two years ago. The day before I slept with him I saw my gyno for a pap and full STD screening. I got the results back Friday and I tested negative for everything prior to the sexual activity. I had intercourse with him a total of three times last week (3/11, 3/12, 3/13). We used condoms every time. Also, I didn't touch his genitals and we didn't have oral sex. My gyno told me my chances of contracting the virus were very slim under the conditions and that it should not be a factor in my choice to engage in that sort of activity with him.

Then I slept with his roommate (reasons not relevant, but it wasn't like you would think). It was stupid considering I didn't know his roommate that well, while also being my ****tiest moment (sleeping with two guys within the same week). I had become pretty good friends with him and told him that I had slept with my best guy friend and that we were careful (his roommate already knew about the herpes). After a few too many, Thursday (3/17) I had intercourse and oral with the roommate...twice. We did not use protection and he came inside of me every time. The roommate and I are now dating exclusively and I had sex with him again on 3/19. We did not use protection and he came inside of me three times that night.

Now, I'm thinking something isn't quite right. I have been sore since the last time we had sex (which was for over four hours straight). Up until today I thought I was only sore because I had a lot of sex, but since I have never been sore for this long after sex before, I decided to look at it. Sadly enough I have never looked at my own vagina in a mirror before now. I'm freaking out because the opening of my vagina looks like it is covered in uneven skin. Kind of like growths, but I don't think they are warts because they are smooth like the skin in your mouth. Some of them are a little red but they kind of look like skin tags rather than blisters. It's like the inside of my vagina is falling out, "collapsing" so to speak. I have a lot of swelling also, which my gyno believes is from the intense sex. It didn't bother me to urinate until I messed with them trying to pull/pinch to see them better. I have nails so I could have scratched myself doing this. Right after looking I peed and it hurt so bad I had to let it out in spurts. Then, about 6 hours later I peed again and it didn't really hurt, it just felt like I had rough sex. Now though (a day later) it hurts like it did after I messed with them. My whole vagina is really red and kind of raw looking. I am also experiencing some unusual discharge. It looks pinkish yellow, sometimes just yellow, and I can contract (do a kegel) to push a good bit out. It has a mild odor, not fishy or strong, but different from normal. The area at the creases between my legs and butt cheeks were achy briefly( only for maybe an hour) like you would experience right before or on your period. I had a mild headache for a short while today also, but that could be due to stress. No fever. I currently feel perfectly normal as far as flu-like symptoms go. I should also state that I do have an IUD (Mirena) which I have had since late September 2010.

Today I got tested but I don't get the results for a few days and it's driving me crazy right now which leads me to post this question. My gyno said she was 70% chance it's herpes, and 30% chance it's just trauma from lots of sex. Can trauma really cause irritation that looks similar to herpes but isn't herpes? Could I just ironically show symptoms of something right after sex? I'm so unsure as to what is going on, but I am scared to death!

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The waiting for results is pretty hard, but there is simply no way around it. :(

So, a few questions...

What kind of tests were done previous to sleeping with your friend who has herpes?

Do you know for sure that herpes simplex was included?

Do you have a printout of the results?

What type of herpes test did your gyno just do?

Was it a swab/culture of the area?

Blood test?


Do you know if the man you are now involved with (roommate) has been screened for all STIs?


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